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Serious Support

I am super stoked to feel the love from Amazing Grass.  I know, I was suprised too, but I figured they must know what they're getting into ;)  I wanted to make sure my peeps got proper props here, and to thank them for being a part of my Runs each day.

Fueled by Grass.  That's how Serious Case of the Runs keeps going.  Lots of green organic goodness.  Every morning is kicked off with a smoothie using Amazing Grass' Green Superfood.  Mmmm, mouth watering thinking about it :)  But seriously, this is an Amazing company with a truly remarkable brand, and I'm proud to be one of their Amazing Athletes (that's what they call their athletes...I didn't make that one up :)).  Geof is also an Amazing Athlete (and he's got a Serious Case of the Runs, too)!

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