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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cowbell, anyone?

I did it again.

Just guess which distance I picked. I mean was there even a question?

I will take just about any excuse to head to Maine, and I can't think of a better one than a kickass race that runs through gorgeous grassy farmland on rolling hills and those cute white farm fences you see in nostalgic photographs. Well, that, and a chance to hang at Camp Atayne in their new digs, of course :)

The ultrarunners get a cowbell for finishing. How fun is that? A cowbell. It makes me think of that SNL skit...

So, another 50-miler on tap for my pearls! I'm surprised it took me a full four days post-McNaughton to sign up. What's wrong with me? Not only did I sign up, I also booked my flight and rental car. No backing down now! My next goal is to get Jeremy to run, too :) He's a Boston qualifier who's not running it this year, so I think Pineland would be a good chance for him to stretch his legs. Afterall, he qualified back in October, and to my knowledge he hasn't set foot in a race since. Jeremy, I dare you. There, I said it.

I heart Maine. I also have a couple other things on my agenda while I'm there. Going to squeeze in a much needed run through Acadia National Park. I didn't allow enough time last time I was there. If you've never experienced Acadia you are seriously missing out on one of life's greatest experiences.

On another note, I'm getting my custom orthotics next week, so once those are fitted into my new shoes I can get back into my training. I met with my new pedorthist this past Monday and had the most enlightening experience to date. This chick knows what she's talking about! She used all the f'real latin terms for everything as she described my gait and footfall to me, and the best part? I knew exactly what she was talking about and didn't have to ask her to put anything into layman's terms :) So the moral of the story is I have freakishly high arches, but a neutral gait. There is nothing mass produced that would ever fit my kind of foot, so custom orthotics are the only route to go if I want to continue with distance running. She said the road shoes my PT put me into are all wrong. I figured as much, hence I haven't worn them much in the last 6 months. And, due to the high arch, I supinate, not pronate (which is what my PT and sports med doc both claim). But the supports should fix the supination. Sweet.

Once I have the orthotics, they'll take some getting used to, and my doc told me I'll probably have some weird pains at first, especially in the shins, since my feet will freak out about suddenly having amazing support in places they've never had it before. Cool. Once all that's figured out, I can begin to (hopefully) really recover from these stupid shin splints. How amazing is that?! We went over my running history since I began 15 years ago, and every pair of shoe I've run in (which I somehow manage to keep a mental log of, and I even remember when I've bought my shoes...weird). She said I was one of five cases like this that she has ever experienced in her 20-year career (that's what my PT said, too) and she was fascinated by how much I contradicted what she expected. So now she wants to pay extra special attention because she wants to be the one who figures out my puzzle and makes it all work again! I said, please do! I think she's going to be my running angel...lets hope so :)

My knees are a little meh the last few days, in the aftermath of McNaughton, but I'm not too concerned yet. I have another ART appointment tomorrow evening so those will get addressed some more. Otherwise, I feel pretty freakin' good. And happy. I am bursting with excitement and anticipation. That sounds really corny, but it's true. I had no idea the kind of mental boost my 50 finish would have on me. Not only that, but I've been craving cheeseburgers and beer all week long!! I've held off on the burgers, but a beer has been a staple with my dinner each evening since McN. So anyway, I'm just dying to share my next life adventure with everyone, but I have to wait a little longer before I do...till June to be exact :) And no, it does not involve babies or weddings, lol!

So I know Steve Hanes' son, Mike, is running his first fifty at Pineland, so I'm going to keep an eye out for him! Vermont Mike's coming out for it, too...the Ultra Dome is going to make it's (first?) appearance there I do believe. Of course, my pearls will be in full effect. Anyone else running Pineland???

It's 60 degrees outside, so that means it's time for me to go to the gym :)

Paige, out.


David Ray said...

I like the idea of the running angel. That orthotic thing should be interesting. And the race in Maine sounds pretty good too. Gotta love the cowbell! Way to step up.

Lori said...

That race looks like tractor-loads of fun!
Glad to hear of your progress foot wise, it should be good.

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