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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beer Run Run

Sliced bread. The union of PB and J. Cold fusion. And, perhaps the wheel (perhaps). These are the only things I can think of that can equal this idea in "genius".

My two worlds collide and become one. I heart beer. I heart run. I heart ultra run more. So when I logged into the Chicago Ultrarunners website and found that Adrian had posted a new event, I almost fell out of my rolly desk chair, nearly knocking over my hot cup of Joe! It's a good thing I have two pub runs under my belt. Little did I know, those pub runs were going to be training for one of the most epic journeys of my "youth"...

An ultra beer run?

Um, check please!

The plan: we meet at Goose Island Brewery in the city on Friday night, June 19, cheers Adrian on his birthday with a frosty brew, and then we hit the road Jack! 100 miles or bust! Brian has taken the reigns and has created a spiffy map complete with aid station stops, has coordinated drivers and all that good stuff! It'll be a group run, so there's no runner left behind. Everyone keeps together. We'll have planned aid every 5 miles via our two drivers. I think only Adrian and Jim are planning to run the entire 100 miles, the rest of us mere mortals will run some, rest some in an aid vehicle, share driving duties, etc. I'm thinking I'll aim for 40 miles total, maybe 50. Break it up some and take on some driving duties so others can run.

We're planning on getting in to brew town late Saturday night and having a celebratory beer at Water Street Brewery, then everyone will cram into a cheap motel room and sleep it off until we carpool home on Sunday sometime.

This is pretty elaborate and I'm astonished at how quickly it has come together. Adrian threw it out on the message board five days ago, and we've already got all the logistics down. Holy smokes, beer is a great motivator, clearly :)

So this will be a nice little adventure and you can bet I will have a ton of pictures documenting this epic journey. All in the name of beer, and running. Mike, the original masher of beer and running, this has your name scribbled all over it. I'll cheer you one when we get into Milwaukee :)

And now, time for a little diddy musicalizing this grand beer pilgrimage (yes, I totally made up that word)...seriously, check it out, this is hilarious:


Crash, out.


David Ray said...

Hilarious is correct. I look forward to the report on this one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Crash, here's a little somethin' for your followers:

Beer Run 100 Map:

Beer Run Pace Chart:
Updated real-time starting at 8pm, 6/19.

It'll be a blast!

Paige said...

Mu hahahahahaha... :)

Jamie Anderson said...

That sounds like fun! Enjoy!

Stuart said...

One occasion when being on a road might help...the only one maybe!

Danni said...

Adrian is insane.

Paige said...

Hahaha, yes, he is! Nothing stops the man!

Anonymous said...

We will have a SPOT tracker for this fun run too. See our website at http://www.beerrun100.com for more details and updated photos along the way :-).

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