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Friday, July 31, 2009

My Achey Breaky...Butt

I had a great 4-mile run yesterday morning along the lakefront, felt good during it for the most part, but could definitely tell my legs are still in recovery mode. I ran three miles in Iowa on Sunday, so yesterday was my second run since Vermont, and today I ran another 4 miles in the morning, same route as yesterday. But today, ah yes, today was a BEAR!

I felt energized and wonderful after my run yesterday, good stretch, good foam roll session, did a weight workout during my lunch break with some squat sets, slept like a baby. Then I decided to push my luck and do it again. To be fair, I feel mentally stellar, like yesterday. It's just my body that's rebelling against me. Specifically, my left hip and glute. It does not feel good. It bothered me during the run, but only in a shake-out-the-stiffness kind of way, like the beginning of many runs. After rolling my left ankle in a dip I didn't give notice to, it became top of mind. By the time we reached where we turn left, by Navy Pier, it hurt to lift my leg up, but I could still do it. It felt very much like I needed to pop my hip, but couldn't. Uncomfortable. Geof said I was frowning the entire time. It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't great. I stretched and foam rolled, concentrating on the piriformis and gluteus medius, and it's better, but I can still feel it as I walk around the office. It's a little off.

Ah, the joys of ultrarunning. Oh well, I guess I need to pay Dr. Dave another visit for an adjustment, darn :) I know he'll look at me after I explain my ailment and say, "Um, Paige, you just ran ONE HUUUUUUNNNDRED MIIIII-LES. Of course it doesn't feel right, you big doofus." That's a typical response (with the number of miles changing depending on the race I just did).

I know, I'm still in recovery, and it has barely been two weeks since Vermont, but I miss my running :( It's amazing how the body can rally for something like a 100 mile run, but throws up the white flag when it comes to short little recovery runs. Ah, the mysteries of the human body. It's looking like I'll be mostly crewing tomorrow at Sunburn Six in the Stix, cheering on my fellow CHUGs. I simply cannot wait to see everyone; I feel like it's been eons (even though it's barely been a month)!

Onward with the recovery. I heart run.

Crash, out.


Irish Cream said...

Ouch, sorry to hear you're feeling a bit off. Hope you feel better soon!! In the meantime, have fun crewing!

Anonymous said...

It'll be OK, Paige...all part of the recovery process.

I think this is what is the most difficult part of ultrarunning - recovery. It can be quite frustrating to try to get back in the saddle after something like a hundo. You've got a darned smart head on your shoulders and you handle things with a cool bean, so I'm sure you know that "This too shall pass..." and you'll be at it again in *due* time!

Give yourself a most deserved rest after an awesome first 100!

Great seeing you (and Geof) yesterday,

Connie :)

Paige said...

Thanks IC and Connie :)

"Dear Butt, please feel better soon." Love, Paige :)

David Ray said...

"cool bean". I like that. Paige, handle it with a cool bean. Get better quick while enjoying the rest.

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