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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pick Your Poison

It is the year of the Rite. The Rite of Passage that is. Lots of milestones being reached, and this weekend was no exception. To what do I refer? I earned myself my very first outbreak from...poison ivy...! Boy does it itch like a mother! I think I got away pretty lucky though, considering. My lower legs are spotty little specimens of...gross. They actually do look a lot like mosquito bites, so the untrained, non-outdoorsy eye wouldn't know any better.

Ah well, it's totally worth it (since it's a pretty mild case). It was a fun weekend of running and camping, and I'd do it again. Except next time I'll slather on the Ivy Block first! I'm not that hardcore :-)

Meantime, I hopped over to the pharmacy and got some Caladryl (the clear kind), and the effect was immediate. What poison ivy?

Oh the joys of trail running!

Crash, out.


David Ray said...

Glad the Caladryl is working. That poison ivy is some itchy stuff. But you're right, it goes with the territory. Like falling. :)

Michael said...

At least you didn't get it on your arse - perspective Crash, perspective :)

Paige said...

Ha! Good point there, Mike. Itchy arse would reallllly suck, lol :)

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