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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Dude, seriously, today's morning run was awesome. I don't even have intelligent words to describe just yet, so I'll fill you in on the last few runs first.

Geof and I bundled up eskimo style last Thursday and Friday and headed out into the 3 degree weather for our usual run. Thursday was great, bitter cold, but great. The curve in the path near Oak Street Beach was completely frozen over, so we turned around and took the tunnel under Lake Shore Drive and ran on the sidewalks the rest of the time. Brrr, colllllld!

Friday was pretty much the same, but a little warmer. Five degrees this time. The wind wasn't as bad and we headed south along the path. I was cautious the whole run because it was so icy and snow was covering up ice patches really well. Even though we were running late as it were, we decided to still run stairs at the end. We made our way down the river walk path, towards Columbus Drive (those stairs are great for running up and down). As we neared the stairs, I took my first step all morning without looking first. BAM! I was down on my arse before I could even take a breath. I hit so hard my head bounced on the ground. Geof looked horrified and jumped down to pick me up. We just stood there, I'm crying like a baby and he's hugging me, probably as shocked as I was. All I could muster was, "it bounced!" referring to my melon. I didn't get knocked out, but I felt like I had gotten the crap kicked out of me. We made our way up the stairs, then ran home. No bleeding either. Around 11:30 a.m. I finally decided to get checked out, just in case, and walked down to the nearby urgent care office. All was well, just banged up a bit, and all headachey. Now ice really scares me!

Sunday, Geof and I grabbed brunch with Brian and Kelly out in Barlett, then we all headed over to James Pate Phillips State Park (where Windburn Six in the Stix will be held this coming January!) for an hour run. It was Brian's first run back since Javelina Jundred...6 weeks ago? Yay, Brian, welcome back! It was a warm, but still snowy run and it was a great workout for the calves!

Yesterday's run was very good, with warmer temps, in the 30s. But, this morning, it was even better! It was colder out, but Geof and I were out the door by 6:15 (it's usually more like 7:00 that we finally make it out to run) so it was still dark out. I was super nervous about all the ice along the path, but I did just fine. We did about an hour run, maybe a little less, and on our way back home, Geof suggested doing some fartleks. Ewww, speedwork. Blech.

Okay, let's do it!

We sped up to just enough outside my comfort zone, turning over the legs faster, pumping the arms more, able to feel that I was now workin' it. We held that for 5 minutes, gathered our faculties for one minute, then repeated the faster speed for another 5 minutes. That was it. Simple, and FUN. Oooo, it felt good. It made me realize how slow I really do move when I'm 'comfortable' :-) Then we threw in 10 sets on the stairs before finishing up and heading home.

It felt good, not gonna lie!

Looking forward to the next run already!

Crash, out.


gene said...

crash! guess you re-earned your name. sorry to hear about your melon (errr..umm...squash). thanks for the post about getting out in the cold. i have been looking sadly at the thermometer for the past 2 weeks, and then going back to bed or to the dreadmill. neither of which will help me get out and run. must. make. better. effort. thanks for the inspiration!

Paige said...

Glad I can be of assistance in inspiring you to get out there, Gene!

David Ray said...

Ouch. Glad your head is okay. You guys are tough getting outside in that cold. Brrrrrr.

Paige said...

Gotta do what'cha gotta do! We've got races to run! I hope your weather is better down in Georgia, D-Ray!

senator said...

DUDE! You fall more than any other trail runner I know! I am glad you're OK. You need to pay closer attention to the fine line between "out" of and "in" control! A good fall every now and then is good. It keeps you mindful of what you are doing...but you...you always take it too far!

Paige said...

Senator - I guess it was due...I didn't fall at all during Tecumseh!

Irish Cream said...

OMG, girl. You are making me realize how much I do NOT miss winter! And ouch! So glad your melon is okay--that sounds seriously painful!

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