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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sporty Cats

Look how pretty they are. I can smell the new shoe smell through the computer screen! Like a newborn wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, so are my La Sportiva Wildcats nestled all cozy in their tissue wrap. Last night, I got the little slip in my mailbox saying I had a package, but it was too late to pick them up. So at 7:00 this morning, I headed down to the receiving room to pick up my goods. Hello, love, meet your new home: my feet!


I was nervous about the fit since I've never even tried La Sportivas on before, but Wilderness Running's Stacy Young counseled me on sizing and assured me they would be the right size. So after removing the commercial insert, putting in my custom orthotics, and slipping these puppies on my anxious feetsies, I suddenly realized what I'd been missing out on. The right fit! The orthotics fit in like a freakin' glove, no curling up on the sides for being too narrow, no rolling in on the toes for being too short. Oh glory of glorys!

Now I just hope they hold up well for a run :) Hopefully I'll get out this weekend for a test run in these. I'd love to run some/a lot of Rocky Raccoon 100 in them, but gotta test 'em out first.


Crash, out.


Jo Lynn said...

Every manufacturer fits different, as we know and we (REI) finally got the men's Wildcats in which means I can prodeal a pair of women's but I want to try them on to see what size I need first. I can wear anywhere from a 7 to 8 in trail runners. I really want those!

Paige said...

I wear a 10 in Brooks ladies shoes, and that translated exactly into a 42 in the Wildcats. Pretty much the same fit as my Cascadias, but a little wider, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Julie said...

Hi Paige,
Oh joy, the wonderful feeling of getting new running shoes!! Yes, your shoes are beautiful!! Make sure to let us now how your test run goes. How much were they?
Have a great day Paige:)

Paige said...

Will do, Julie! They are going for $100 on Wilderness Running right now...cheapest I've seen for them, too.

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

Great looking kicks! Can't wait to read how they feel after a few miles on the trail. Or, for you, a few 50 miles or more I am sure. I am looking for some better trail shoes for me. While I love NB for my road shoes, I do not like my current trail shoes from them. Thanks for sharing your new "love" with us. LOL!

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