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Monday, December 20, 2010

Serious Case of the Slugs

We ran this morning and I was soooooo not into it.  We all have these days, you just are never really sure when they are going to pop up.

I woke up actually awake and with the plan of running.  I was particularly excited last night when I saw that the high for today was in the 30s (sweet!!), and when I checked the weather this morning, it was at 17 degrees (bam!) with zero windchill, specifically "calm" (double bam!).

We bundled up just a touch less severely than last week, in hopes of a 'warmer' run.

It was so not "calm", and definitely not warm.

And, my legs had other plans for me today.

I was cold the entire run, and my legs felt as if they were caked in a thick, heavy layer of cement.  My feet didn't know what they were doing; I found myself looking down at them more than a few times to make sure they were actually still there.

We were barely 3/4 of a mile out when I slowed completely to a walk, Geof's arm around my shoulders.  I considered turning back for home, but after I whined for a moment, and frowned the ultimate frown, we picked it back up and continued on down the path. 

I don't end my races because I'm sluggish or in a less-than-awesome mood at points, why quit a training run?  It's just a phase, I'll get over it. 

I didn't get over it, but then again, it was only 4 miles.  Had I had 96 more miles to go, I definitely would have gotten over it eventually :-)

Ah well, this run gets filed in my Character Builder tab.  I haven't had one of those in a good long while, so I was long overdue.

Tomorrow will be awesomer. 

Crash, out.


Gretchen said...

I love your statement on "the ultimate frown." Oh, I SO know that frown!
You are correct though, tomorrow will be awesomer! Keep at it, girlie!

Chicago Trail Running said...

It is runs like these that make the good runs even sweeter! Oh, and screw the weatherman!

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