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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bumper Sticker Giveaway: Do You Have the Runs?

How bold are you?  Would you exclaim to the world (or the driver behind you at the light, or the other laptop laden peeps in the coffee shop) that you have a Serious Case of The Runs?  C'mon, don't be shy :)

Earlier this month, Megan, from BuildASign.com e-mailed me out of the blue and asked if I might like to slap my 'logo' (i.e. blog address...I don't actually have a f'real logo :)) on some signage and give it away.  Ummmm, okay.  My initial reaction was, "I'm not sure how many people want to announce that they have The Runs, but you never know." 

I played around with a few different things (they have a ton of stuff to design with, it's pretty cool) like signs, magnets, cards, window clings, stickers, eventually loving a design I created for a bumper sticker.  I was literally giggling almost the entire time I was making it.  I don't think gross bodily functions will ever NOT make me giggle like a ten year old. 

Okay, so if you are brave enough to announce it to the world, or just want one to hide away in your running log to look back on and laugh like a ten year old, shoot me an e-mail at susanpaige1@gmail.com with your name and address and I'll get one to you in a jiffy.  I'll mail one out to the first 25 who get back to me. 

Oh, here's what it looks like:

Working with Megan was fun and the process was super easy, so I certainly recommend BuildASign.com if you're ever in the market for that sort of thing.

Lastly, I'm going to take a card from Dax's deck and sorta copy his super-fun idea...if you're bold enough to want one of these, take a picture of it (on your car, on your laptop, on your forehead, toliet, hydration pack, dog) and e-mail it to me, especially if you put it on your car...or your dog :) 

Crash, out.


KovasP said...

Not sure I'm bold enough to put this up at work, but might be fun!

Paige said...

Ooo, a cubicle shot would be hilarious, especially if you got your boss in the picture, too :)

Gretchen said...

Uh, yeah I want one! Oh but I have to email you ... okay, gettin on it!

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