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Friday, April 29, 2011


The heavy veil of a good night's sleep slowly lifts itself as I come to and realize the very loud quacking and barking are not, in fact, in my dream...but rather the sound of two alarms blaring from either side of the bed.  Grabbing my phone, I turn off my quacking alarm just as Geof does the same for his barking alarm.  Ah, blissful silence.  (Though, I must admit there are few funnier sounds to wake up to than a quacking iPhone duck :)  Talk about waking up smiling.)

My, is it bright in here.

My, what have we here?

Breaking through every crevice of the blinds are thin streams of...light.  What could this be?  The pall of winter/wannabe spring finally lifting?  Noooooo, it couldn't be.

Pulling back the blinds, I squint but I can feel my pupils suddenly shrinking in response to the bright light.  What is this light?  What is that large, glowing orb hanging just above the eastern horizon?  Why is it so warm on my face?  Why do I suddenly feel filled with hope and promise?  Why do my legs feel a rush of joy knowing they will get to feel that same warmth soon enough?  What IS this mystery ball?!

c/o Google Images
The sun, you say?  Nonsense.  We are Seattle No. 2...Chi-attle :)  We don't get no stinkin' sun here! 

Oh, a happy dance, I can feel a happy dance coursing through my veins, making its way down to my feet, and then it happens...a little jig!  THE SUN IS SHINING, REJOICE!

The coffee's bubbling up on the stove, the sun is pouring in through the windows, warming our hearts and warming our souls.  My foam roller does a round of IT band massage, Geof is practically singing in the kitchen, and we both are nearly foaming at the mouth knowing we get to run sans rain jackets on this day!

Needless to say, the run was glorious.  It was just what we needed.  Light and fast, our favorite 3-mile route flies by, but not without notice of the beauty of the morning.  We got a late start, hence the shorter route, but we reveled in every last possible second, squeezing out the very last drop of morning freedom before heading off to work.

What a difference the sun makes.

And what a difference a new pair of shoes makes.  I'm cheating on my old Brooks Glycerins with a younger, thinner (soled) pair of Brooks Ghosts...they make me feel young again, what can I say!  So far, after only two runs, I dig 'em.  I like that they are a little lighter feeling, and less bulky than my Glycerins, and they are just a sniff wider in the forefoot, so hopefully that translates into less/no rubbing on the outsides of my big toe and pinkie toe during long runs :)

As I finish this post, four or five hours later, the sun is still shining.  What a day!

May your weekend be magical and filled with delicious running things :)

Paige, out.


Christie said...

I hope your plants were not afraid of the big ball of fire in the sky. I, too, have felt the drone of this season and today gave me a good shot of B-12. I, too, have given up my glycerines for the NB 890s...a light weight, yet cushioned shoe, as my stress fracture still likes to remind me what I did to it a year and a half ago. I'm grateful my glycerines got me to this point, but it was like a coming of age to graduate back to a lighter shoe. Enjoy the weekend!

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

Paige - first and foremost, thanks for the bumper sticker. it will be traveling to SoCal with me this weekend (on the car of course).

I just ran my first run in a brand spankin' new pair of Brooks Glycerin 8's. I have been running Asics Nimbus 12's previous. Wow, they are bulky compared to the Nimbus 12's. I have an HM tomorrow. I think I will leave the new Brooks at home, and run in an older pair of Nimbus 12's. Still I think Brooks will be a good alternate shoe for some medium length runs.

I grew up in Seattle, and have been to Chi-attle. Each trip to Chi-attle has been cloudy and grey. :)

HappyTrails said...

Sun = Good... really, really Good!! Enjoy your frolic with the giant orb of warmth while it lasts LOL! Have a great weekend!

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