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Friday, August 5, 2011

Things That Go CRASH

My former alter ego, Crash, made a surprise guest appearance today. 

I fell.  Hard.

Arrggh.  That hurt.  Well, surprisingly, it didn't hurt much at first, but now that my newfound scrapes and bruises have had time to settle into their new homes they sting pretty good.  And by good I mean bad.

Let me paint the scene for you:

We ran a fast 5 miles in pretty decent humidity, and I was pretty much thrilled to be finishing up the run.  Just one of those runs that went really well, but despite that I wasn't all that into it for whatever reason.  I was sweating balls and thanking my lucky stars for being so close to home, just two short blocks to go...  I wasn't looking, and I caught my toe on a lump of cement on the edge of the sidewalk.  I lurched forward, turning my right side to the ground.  CRUNCH went my right knee on the gravel-y sidewalk, and then SWISH as I slid to the curb on my right hip and forearm.  I finally halted and rolled onto my butt, stunned, but perhaps not so much as Geof was!  I was covered in fine gravel on my right side and my knee instantly started bleeding, but not too bad.  Geof pulled me up and I jumped on my feet a couple times to see if it hurt, and then continued on our way home, running just a little faster :)

Ow.  Falling is so jarring, especially on cement.  I will say, thank goodness for that gravel-y stuff as I rolled with it, rather than fully scrapping my body on the unmoving sidewalk.  I'm also super glad I didn't hit my head on anything.  I have a pretty nice scrape on my knee that reminds me of being a kid, racing neighborhood kids down the block after school.  I always fell when I did that, hmmm, a prelude to the future?  My right forearm looks like a mini-Edward Scissor Hands had his way with my skin.  Oh, and there's a large black and blue marble emerging below my knee.  Graaaaavy.

Crash leave now; I was quite happy in my vertical running state of late.  Crashing is for the birds.

Anywho, enough of my complaining, it's Friday!!  It feels good to feel like a runner again.  Two weeks of f'real training will do that for you.  Update soon, but first I need to go ice my booboo and feel sorry for myself for a couple more minutes :)

Paige, out.

1 comment:

HappyTrails said...

Road rash is not good - why does it always happen on cheesy terrain two blocks from home????

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