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Friday, September 16, 2011

Serious Case of the North Face Runs

It's been a...BUSY...week this week. 

My desk feels like this... (photo credit: www.ratracetrap.com)

But that's a very good thing...being busy has helped prevent a lot of my usual taper week crazies.  And, I've managed to make it through the whole week with only one complaint of aches and pains.  Usually I find 46 other aches and pains to agonize over during taper week.  So I've done very well this time around.  This may be due in part to finally actually being f'real trained for a race longer than 30 miles.  Solid training kills the crazies.  True story.

Of course, I did have the CRAZIEST dream last night.  I guess it had to manifest somewhere :)

Anywho, tomorrow morning at 5:00 we line up to run the North Face Endurance Challenge Midwest Regional 50 Mile Run.  That's a really long name.  This will be my fifth 50 mile event, and my 14 official ultra (I don't count the fat asses or my lame DNF at Leadville).  Heh, that's not a lot compared to some, but I didn't realize I was already in double digits.  I'm still a freshman ultra runner, for sure!  If this were high school, the seniors (aka Veteran Ultrarunners) would toss pennies at me as I walked down the hall.  At least that's what they did at my high school (but since everyone knew my older brother (and his penchant for...regulating) I was saved from the penny misery, among other freshman ailments :) But, that's a hilarious story for another day!).

Tomorrow's going to be fun; I can already feel it.  Geof and I will be running together as usual.  That's how we roll.  I'll be breaking in my newest pair of Sporty Cats, thanks to the genius amazingness of Stacy in procuring a pair of the old/my favorite version of the Cats in time for the race.  I love my Cats.  Does that make me a Cat lady? ;)

I feel kinda nervous for tomorrow, but not overwhelmingly so.  It'll be the furthest I've run since last September, at Rio Del Lago 100M, but only by about two miles (I did manage close to 49 back in July...severely undertrained).  But still.  It's kinda intimidating.

Enjoy this most glorious of weekends and get outside!

Paige, out.


Stacy said...

Too kind, as usual. I hope the new-old Cats treat you right. Have a treeemendous race!

Paige said...

Heh, "new-old Cats," that's funny :) Thanks, Stac!

Gretchen said...

Sweet! Have fun, you crazy cats! (I mean you and Geof, not the shoes, silly!)

Run Home Pam said...

Enjoy! I'll be thinking about you....

sonixgirl77 said...

Was thinking of you today while on my 14 miler. Can't wait to hear all about it. This is the jlw7_98 Jodi

martykc said...

Congrats on the race, I see you finished well! I was part of the sweep and course crew, and am also part of the Lapham Peak group. We link to your site on our site and I stumbled upon it(er, your site not ours)


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