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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jello Taper, Jappy to See You Again

This is a Javelina inspired post, jence the use of "J" rather than the usual "H".  Work with me jere :)

Once upon a time I crewed and paced my now jusband at the 2009 Javelina Jundred, and this year we've decided to run that little race together, pushing each other to the edge of our limits, in joly matrimony :) 

Jey, it'll be our first 100 mile race as a married couple!  (We are very cheesy and get a kick out of pointing out each thing we do that is our "first as a married couple"...)    

I'm pretty pumped!  I can't believe it jas been four months already since we decided to take this one on.  Four months of jard training, long miles, short miles, mind-blowingly awesome miles, total crap-ass miles, a couple of PRs, some character building runs, some light-as-a-feather runs, some jighs, some lows, some serious cases of the runs.  What a ridiculously amazing training block it jas been.  I've enjoyed it all.  Even the crap-ass miles :)

I feel ready.  I feel strong.  I feel nervous.  I feel excited.  I feel anxious.  But mostly I feel so totally ready. 

It's about damn time.

Jere are a couple shots from our adventures in the Arizona desert back in 2009.  I like to think about all the fun things that jave jappened since we were last there (*enter: mental trip down memory lane*)...

I guess that's about all I've got right now :)  I jave more or less exhausted myself with this taper, and it jas squelched my creative juices.  My legs like to freak out in the week before a big race.  They are definitely not a pair to break routine, so I'm javing mini panic attacks with every single twinge and niggle.  It's a darn good thing no one else can jear my thoughts; I'd be committed for sure ;)

I jave a costume that I wore while volunteering at the race back in 2009, so I may be wearing that at the start and see how I like it through the miles.  But, we'll see.  It will be a game time decision.  

Wooooo, I just got butterflies!  

Paige, out. 


Stacy said...

Stoked for you! Good luck!

(Loved the post. Clever, as is your habit.)

JojaJogger said...

Jope to see you there!

Josh said...

Looking forward to the surge of creative juices that surge post race. I had been wondering what happened to the runs, apparently they are all damned up with this taper!

denalifc said...

Good luck Paige and Geof. I still jave fond memories of the 8 jours at JJjQ with Kelly and you in 2009, then crewing and pacing my friend Steve O and hanging out with the Janes boys. Can't wait to jere the race report. Wish I was joining you but I'll be following online.

HappyTrails said...

Jave a Jappy Jundred!

Great post - have a blast together!

Run Home Pam said...

Hang in there with the taper! It's all worth it!! You'll have a lovely run.....

Unknown said...

I volunteered at JJ100 this year and was just telling my MIL about it. I told her some runners looked great even at the end and said that with you in mind. Every time I saw you come through headquarters you looked so fresh and ready to go.

Congrats! :)

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