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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mission: 2000...Update Ver. 2.0

This is generally the time of year I enjoy E-reflecting upon the previous 330+ days and spin off into a vaguely (read: entirely) self-centered, excited ramble about all the glorious things we've seen and done over the course of the year.
(I just physically winked as I typed that, FYI.)  (I also had my tongue firmly in my cheek.)  (Here's a grain of salt; would you like more?)

I digress.

However, I am still hard at work on one final goal for the year, and will thus hold off on the aforementioned excited rambling.  But, have no fear, it is forthcoming, in some form or another.  What's a calendar running year without a blog post summing up all things awesome?  Exactly.

I digress, again.

Mission: 2000 is getting close to wrapping up, ooooo-weeeeee!  Today I pole-vaulted over 1,960 miles.  Boom.  We've been keeping things short and sweet and aiming for simple maintenance and quick recovery.  Though, we have been pushing the pace pretty hard most days as a result of the short distance runs :) 

Sunday, we headed back to the Little Red School House loop in Palos Forest Preserve and staged a smackdown with the 8.3 mile loop, finishing more than 2 minutes faster than we ran it the week before.  And this week we had the "pleasure" of slip-slidding along the trail in what was easily the muddiest I have ever seen it.  Of course, we felt pretty guilty running such a muddy trail (you're supposed to stay off the single track when it's wet).  We're rebels without a cause.  Please forgive us, trail gods!  The trail repaid us by smothering us from mid-thigh down in thick muck, and the prickly plants alongside the trail reached out and scrapped my pale sun-starved legs.  I have a few scabbed lashings to prove it.

It was totally worth it.

Despite the terrain, we still showed it who's boss and we finished up in fine time.  I was sucking air so hard I thought my lungs would explode.  I knew we were close on time, and Geof had been pulling me along as it were, but I unearthed a hidden reserve of power lingering in the shadows as we found ourselves in the final mile.  Geof was smooth and appeared to exert almost no effort as I cranked it up alongside him, turning the legs over as fast as I could muster at that time, letting the finish reel us in.  In just over 8 miles I managed to leave it all out on the trail. 

That felt really, really good.

By the way, I wish you a very supremely merry Holiday!  Whichever and whatever it may be, I hope you find a heaping serving of joy, love, happiness, and many, many miles :)

Paige, out.

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