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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


WARNING: Shameless Plug Follows!

It's official, Geof and I are now officially grass fed grassletes!!  We've really been grass fed for well over a year now, but as of last week we are now on the Amazing Grass Athlete roster.  Exciting! 
(*I made up the term 'grasslete'.  I must take full blame for eye roll inducing words/phrases.  I felt pretty clever when I came up with that one ;))

We've been Grassheads for awhile and have really enjoyed the myriad benefits of getting a lot of our organic superfoods from Amazing Grass.  When we finally decided to make a healthy balanced diet a part of an overall lifestyle change it really only made sense.  Amazing Grass is a rockin' little company that makes some seriously awesome product, the benefits of which roll over nicely into our running lifestyle.  Have you ever tried any of their stuff?  Check it out if you haven't!  They sell "sample" versions online of a lot of their drinks and bars, so it's cheap and easy to try out.  I also know that Whole Foods sells Amazing Grass if you prefer the brick-and-mortar experience. 

We like to nosh on the AG Green SuperFood Energy Bars after long runs, or even just on long car rides where my need to eat incessantly gets in the way of making progress (as well as my need to use the ladies' room every 30 minutes...c'mon, I have a very lady-like bladder!) :)  And  2-3 scoops of the Berry Green SuperFood goes in our daily morning smoothies.  It tastes so GOOD!  Looks disgusting, for sure, but seriously the flavor is awesome. 

So, shameless plug aside, I enjoy being able to represent completely awesome brands (see the Serious Support tab above for evidence), and when this opportunity presented itself we could not resist.  We actually use the stuff daily, and love it.  So I feel pretty good about plugging it all here. 

For transparency's sake, there is absolutely no financial gain on our part by endorsing these guys.  The only gains are warm fuzzies, knowing we get to represent a brand we love and believe in.  How 'bout them apples!  If you're curious, I suggest checking out Amazing Grass if you feel like getting your personal health philosophy rocked n' rolled by a completely Amazing experience. 

And in other running news, we had a totally Amazing T10 this morning!  Warm, windy on the way back, drizzly, and wonderful!  Today marks day 20 of our running streak, a PR by about 15 days, heh :)  Legs are feeling pretty good, and mind and body are very, very happy.  Onward!

Paige, out.

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