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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh, the Guilt! The Shaaaaame!

Dearest Dedicated Runner Readers,

This is Serious Case of the Runs writing to inform you that the Writer-in-Chief/Editor/Sole Contributor/Sole Writer/Paige-in-the-third-person is extremely embarrassed about her recent AWOL status in the blogosphere.  So embarrassed (not to mention guilt-ridden) in fact that she is having to write in the third-person in order to alleviate some of the pain she feels for her inexcusable absence of late.  She asked that I mention she is incredibly sorry.  Then she laughed at the thought, because, really, it's just a blog, right?  Does anyone notice?  Then she continued to spout off very philosophical-sounding stuff that I'm not even sure made any sense, but it sounded really cool.  Basically, SCOTR is very important to her, so she feels like maybe someone else out there might feel the same way, too :)  Hence this message.  (She laughed again because writing in the third-person is terribly fun!)

Then she watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy to try to take her mind off of not blogging instead.

Have no fear, Paige still has a raging Case of the Runs and is still racking up the miles in her new hometown.  She's even got a little product review and giveaway planned for the new year.  How 'bout them apples!  I snuck a peak at her running log the other day and noticed she has far surpassed her running mileage from last year.  I also noticed she is working on a year-end post.  Those are my favorites.  I love reading other people's year-end posts :)

So basically she's just been really busy keeping herself busied with school, work, running, skiing (dear God, the skiing!  So much skiing!!) that she kept putting off her dear old blog.  But, now that it's winter break (and she can put away the notes, the books, and forget her school log-in info. until next semester), she can return to posting...if I can convince her that she shouldn't feel guilty about living life.  Or tear her away from her new indulgent (i.e. non-school) book, Wild, long enough to do some writing of her own.

Paige is very happy to see so many (read: all!) of you have stuck around over the last month and a half of radio silence.  She appreciates it more than you know.  Oh, yea, her last post was about leaving for Zion...that fell through.  Turns out the storm of the season popped a squat over Utah that weekend, and the trip got canned due to unsafe driving conditions (and a 12-hour shift the night before).  Have no fear, Paige and Geof made lemonade out of lemons and cross country skied all weekend instead, enjoying the massive powder dump enormously.  (They also had some REALLY good barbecue in Park City, at a place called Bandits, after a massively fun ski at Mountain Dell where they were rerouted by two bull moose (moosen? mooses? moosies?) standing in their path.)

I digress.  Paige will be back soon.

Oh!  Did I tell you about the 5k race she ran??  Yea, you read that right, a 5 kilometer race.  Ohohohohoh, I can't wait for her to tell you about this!  It was so un-ultra of her, and totally awesome :)

SCOTR, out.


Anonymous said...

I missed ya, and I'm glad you're back. ~Laura

Jeffrey said...

Feeling a little "out of touch" but "SCOTR"?

PS: I bought the Black Diamond Storm you recommended for my wife and I. We both love it that had to buy another in different color so we can run together (kidsitter involved).

Paige said...

Yay, thanks @Laura!! :)

@Jeffrey, SCOTR = Serious Case of the Runs = Me :) I'm so glad you like the Storm!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. :)

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