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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Still Streaking...

We officially streaked the entire month of February, and I couldn't have more pep in my step!  I've actually been going solid since January 30 (and Geof since the 27th I think), and we're still going, so let's see how long before I decide to take a day off.  Before this my longest streak was 25 days.  So, what are we at now?  32?  Not bad.  I do indeed value rest and recovery, so that's why we haven't pushed hard a lot, but rather we have been running by feel.  And I felt like hot death the day after Moab's Red Hot 55k, but we ran nonetheless, cutting our run short on account of our bodies feeling really heavy and awkward.  I don't normally run the day after a race, especially a hard one, but the streak 'forced' us to :)  And since then, our runs have gotten faster, and more awesome.  Funny how running more makes you run better.  Imagine that.  Yesterday's run averaged a pace I haven't done since running the flats of Chicago.  So, we're getting there!  We'll be in butt-kicking shape soon enough.

We signed up to streak in March, too, but seeing as we are doing that whole 100 miles in three days thing next weekend, I'm not completely sure I won't take a day off that following Monday :)  We'll see. I still can't quite picture how we're going to fit in that many miles in three days, but it will be fun to make it happen.  I plan to run to and from work that Friday, so that'll be cool.  And hopefully it will inspire me to do that every Friday as the days warm up and lengthen.  

Holy EFF, it's March!!!  And it's sunny and in the 40s today!!  And a guy just ran past our house in shorts and short sleeves!  I love Utah :)

Oh, P.S., I do have a Red Hot 55k race report in the works...in my head...so I'm hoping to crank that out this weekend.  In short, the race was perfect, in pretty much every way.  Except not as fast as I had in mind.  But, I can't complain; everything went right, and we still PR'd on the course.

Oh, and P.P.S., I've been asked to guest blog for one of my favorite gear companies ever, so I'll be excited to share that with you once my first entry is posted.  It'll be a great collaboration and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you all :)

It's time to get my arse off the couch and move us towards the day's long run.  Onward!

Paige, out.

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Meghan said...


Aw man, you're running a bunch next weekend? I am back in Park City and running a crap-load next weekend, too. Let me know if you want to join forces somehow, some way. I'll be carting the dang racing pack around with me wherever I go but I'd love to share some misery, er, miles. :)

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