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Friday, February 27, 2009

When in...Kentucky?

Perhaps I am a glutton for punishment. Or, maybe I'm just stubborn? Bored? Perhaps. But, I'm going to go with...determined! Motivated! Prepared :) Ok, so maybe the latter is a bit of a stretch.
Who's Coming to the 6th Annual LBL Trail Runs
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Paige Troelstrup IL 27

That's me!! So, yes, I will be pickin' up and headin' down for another taste of some good ol' boy country on March 14th. Hopefully this time I can avoid some of the 'drama' I experienced the last time I ventured down to Kentucky (LLTH 50k), haha. I have taken some preemptive measures...I've asked to borrow my mom's butt-kickin' pickup truck for the weekend, and (Ed will be pleased to know) I purchased a AAA membership! I'm hoping I have myself covered this time :) Now all I need to do is take care of my legs.

I decided to go for the 60k since it's only a hop and a skip up from the 50k and perfect timing in my McNaughton Park 50M training plan. If nothing more, it will be a distance PR for me. No harm in that!

I had been stalking the Western Kentucky Runners Club for a couple of weeks and then while I was running LLTH on Valentine's Day, one of the gals I met was talking up Land Between the Lakes and going on and on about how much fun it is and how beautiful the course is. So that pretty much sealed the deal. It's also great timing for me personally because with all that's going on right now, I could certainly see myself waivering in training if I didn't find another race to work on before April.

The website is nice n' simple and after I registered, Steve, the RD, e-mailed me directly to welcome me and thank me for registering. How cool is that?

From what I've been told, it's a pretty 'easy' course, compared to the two other 50k's I've completed (Stone Steps and LLTH) so I'm very happy about that. It's a 11 mile + change loop run three times (for the 60k) and about 3.5 miles total out-and-back from the start to the Canal Loop, and then to the finish after the final loop. Not too much elevation at all. My right knee is pleased with that.

Here's the course map:
It'll be nice to see some familiar faces at LBL. From the registered runners list, I recognize a number of people that were also at LLTH, so I'm excited about that. It will also be a great distraction for a weekend. Running, trails, fresh air, new place; these things always put the soul at ease :) Plus I totally want a buckle to show off at my running club!

Time to brush off the moving dust (more on this soon!) from my pearls and get them ready to hit the trail again.


Paige, out.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


ed said...

That car of yours probably won't break down ever again! You bought peace of mind then -- it's worth it in my opinion.

You started with a couple tough 50k's, so 60k at LBL shouldn't be hard on you! Always putting so much effort into LLTH each year, I struggle time after time to finish at LBL. Maybe with 4 weeks between these races, instead of 3 weeks (the last 3 years), it'll be different this year. I've signed up for 50m, but will likely drop a loop (or 2) to 60k (or less) -- always so tempting & easy to do in this multi distance/loop event.

Look forward to seeing you again! You'll have to fill me in on Atayne.

Paige said...

I hope it never breaks down again, that was a pain in my butt!

I think you may be just dandy with a 4-week break between the two races. You can do it!! But, don't push too hard because McNaughton is creeping up on us pretty quickly, yikes!

I'll see ya soon, and I can talk your ear off about Atayne, it's my favorite :)

David Ray said...

I love getting those races signed up and on the calendar. I get excited having the next one to plan for and look towards.

Moving up slow distance-wise sounds like a smart plan to me. I'll be watching with much interest.

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