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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When it Rains, It Pours...Literally

Busy = the last week. I sure got a lot done, though! And guess what? Geof and I had a brilliantly awesome 20-mile run along the lakefront on Saturday!

We spent all night Friday moving, then all morning Saturday organizing and cleaning up a touch. Somewhere around 2:30ish we decided it was high time for a long run. So we suited up and headed downstairs...where we were greeted to a downpour. Not once, but twice we got laughed at by two separate couples walking along the sidewalk..."You're not going to run still, are you?" We stood underneath the overhang for a minute or two trying to decide what to do. After heading back upstairs to grab our rain shells, we set out once more, this time with thoughts of only doing 10 miles.

The rain had slowed to a mere trickle by the time we got back outside, but it's a good thing we grabbed our jackets because it was off and on rain the entire run. It was chilly and gloomy out but the lighting was really cool, giving the lake a turquoise-ish hue, in stark contrast to the heavy gray clouds overhead. It was pretty! We ran north along the water until the totem pole, then we ducked onto the bird sanctuary path near Belmont for a short little taste of trail...delish. This brought us out onto the gravel portion of the path along the water up to Montrose where we witnessed part of the prairie restoration project: an explosion of wildflowers. It was downright gorgeous! We meandered further north, I was feeling great and really, really enjoying this run! We wound through the Loyola University campus, which I'd never been through before, got back onto Sheridan then turned around at the 10 mile mark. Bam! Guess we're doing 20 afterall!

It was a fantastic run, and it went by quickly. Once we got home, we went downstairs to the old apartment to clean up and grab the last of the stuff, then we got all pretty to head out to my 10-year high school reunion. That was a beast in and of itself, but still a good time...I guess :)

Now it's time for one more long-ish run (in the rain, once again), and then I'll keep it simple until Sunday, where Geof and I will be running in the Glacial Trail 50s up north, in 'sconsin...I'll be playing in the 50k and Geof will be hammering the 50M. I can hardly wait, the pearls have been down for too long!

Crash, out.


Michael said...

Excellent Paige! You are going to rock Glacial for sure! Get er' done. Betcha can't break 6 hours :) Tell Geof I said good luck as well. Can't wait to read all about it.

Mud & Cheers,
Your friendly Vermonter

David Ray said...

Yeah, bust out those pearls! Maybe get some for Geof too. Black ones though.

Paige said...

Thanks, dudes! Gonna be fun, but I plan to take it nice n' easy so I have lovely legs left for NF50 a couple weeks later :)

I'll look into the black pearls, D-Ray, but I'm thinking G would object, lol ;)

middle.professor said...

Great description of the run. I wish I had run more when I lived in Evanston and worked at the Field Museum. I did run. About 3-4 miles per run. Maybe 3 days per week. Summer only. When the weather was fair. Missed opportunity! 10 year HS reunion?

SteveQ said...

I may volunteer at Glacial again this year (and thanks for volunteering when I ran Kettle). There's a number of very fast runners doing NF this year - best of luck!

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