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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Sunset-y Sunrise

This morning's sunrise looked an awful lot like a sunset.  The colors were more sunset-y than sunrise-y...lots of pinks and purples and end-of-the-day colors.  I stared at it through our living room windows, willing myself to get excited about running in the chill again.  Winter running requires a great deal of motivation and will to get out the door.  It's amazing.

It just looked cold.

Ya know when it's super, super cold out and, even if there wasn't any snow to be seen, you could still tell it was frigid out?  Well the ground is still pretty well covered in snow here, and the lake is frozen in time under a thin layer of ice for about as far as you can see, but still.  You could tell it was bitterly cold out just looking at the horizon. 

We opted for another short, fast loop this morning, around the Pier and then some.  It was pretty chilly (17 degrees with a wind chill of 7), but it somehow felt considerably warmer than the last couple of runs of similar temperatures.  I had some spring back in my step this morning, so that was cool.  It is also cool that the Pier has been salted and de-iced to my liking :)

Supposedly we are getting more snow tonight, yippee!!  And tomorrow's forecast has more of it, too.  Then again, you can't trust a Chicago weather forecast that is more than 5 minutes old...and even then it's pushing it.

Crash, out.


Dirty Running said...

I could be that really annoying Californian guy and talk about how it dropped below 65 this morning, so I put on a long-sleeve to take the dog for a walk, but I won't do that.

Paige said...

Oh Dax...siiiigh. How sweet of you to consider this midwesterner's feelings, and fail to mention how awesomely amazing your weather is over there. I will thus refrain from mentioning that I LOVE SNOW!!!! :) But, I do also LOVE warm sunshineyness.

rinusrunning said...

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