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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Choose Your Own (Ad)Venture: Venturepax

The peeps over at Venturepax e-mailed me back in July to tell me about their new site and to see what I thought of it, being a member of that outdoorsy, we-are-the-world, borderline-urban-tree-hugger crowd, they thought it sounded up my alley.  Usually I ignore solicitation-y e-mails...but, this guy, Danny, knew exactly how to catch my attention: outright flattery.  Flattery, and compliments on my writing, will get you everywhere. 

Surely, I jest.  But really, it did catch my attention ;)

So I decided to check it out, liked what I saw and decided it's a pretty good fit here since we're all outdoorsy n' stuff.

My creative juices have been slightly...lackluster of late (must be all the running!), and I haven't been able to come up with a tubular description of the site on my own, so I'll let Uber-Flatterer Danny (one of the founders) describe it for you:

"Here at Venturepax, we like to leverage technology to help people get outside. We do this by making it easy to find and share outdoor experiences and actually reward our users for getting outside and sharing their pictures, videos, stories, etc.!"

Basically, you enter your location, pick your activity (running, duh :)) and then search all the routes/locations that have been added by other users near you.  Find a new awesome park/path/trail/fountain of youth?  Share it on your page, upload pictures and type a quick description.  Pretty cool.  Very user friendly.  And, I'm getting nothing out of this except for warm fuzzies, so I'm not just being nice :)

I also get a kick out of their Declaration: "Today, we declare that sitting inside staring at the television for hours on end is no longer allowed. We believe in the great outdoors and all that it inspires. That families who play together, stay together, and that fitness can come from fun."

It's pretty cool.  Check out the site, play around a little, and see what you think.  You never know, you might find your new favorite running spot on there!  It's free and they're developing a mobile app for various devices, so you can find your next (ad)venture on the go, which is pretty sweet.  Other than when posting here, I do almost all of my browsing on my phone, so I like apps :) 

Back to my regularly scheduled running blather.  Week 6 chatter of JJ100 training coming soon...

Paige, out.

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