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Thursday, February 23, 2012

**Giveaway!** BTB Sport Optics: Serious Running Shades

Yes, you read that right...it's a Serious GIVEAWAY! 

In the relatively short life of Serious Case of the Runs I've managed one single giveaway (that was fun!).  Apparently, I'm way behind the times in blogland :)  Luckily the peeps over at BTB Sport Optics (based out of one of my most favorite places ever: Salt Lake City, Utah) caught drift of my lack of giveaway-ness and asked if I'd like to try out a pair of their sunglasses, and then give a pair away in celebration of said wear test. 

I do love free (who doesn't?).  But more than anything, I love free stuff that is relevant to me and my readers, and seriously running related (obviously).  Those are my only two requirements.  Well, that and I gotta really like it based initially on it's 'bookcover' (call me judgey).  So, a Serious Case of the Runs BTB Sport Optics review was a perfect marriage.

I'm not going to get all technical...mostly because I don't know any techy stuff about sunglasses...and because really technical reviews bore the crap out of me.  I just want to know the good stuff, and, if any, the really bad stuff.  So here goes!

I was a tad apprehensive at first because I love the sh** out of my Smith District's, and have faithfully stuck with them a record 2-1/2 years.  But, I've been curious about other brands of late so it was good timing I suppose :)  I played around on the website to get a feel for the company and what they're all about.  Holy affordable eyewear, Batman!  Besides their low prices, I also learned that you can get shot with a .22 caliber firearm at close range and you'll receive a mere dimple in your BTB Sport Optics lens...so that means they're pretty darn tough, which is a really, really good thing for us trail runners and for anyone with a tendency to drop their glasses/not keep them in a hard case :)  You can learn more about their glasses features HERE.

I played around some more and settled on a pair of their Running Sunglasses, specifically the BTB 850.  When they arrived, I'll be honest...I wasn't totally hot for them based purely on aesthetic reasons (and it's really silly, actually)...the top of the frame isn't straight, it curves downward a touch, which I don't think really flatters my face shape.  Does that even make sense?  No?  Well, ignore that then :)  I refused to let that affect my thoughts on the glasses.  I'm pretty good at being nitpicky about my running gear and I reminded myself of that little factoid. 

Since we run in the early mornings, and this time of year it's still dark out for much of the run, I didn't get to test them out for a bit.  But, as soon as I did I haven't hesitated to grab them on my way out the door for runs, or for anything outdoors for that matter.  I LOVE these glasses!  They even traveled to the sunny beaches of Mexico recently where they performed awesomely, as expected.

They are so lightweight, and the fully adjustable nose grips keep them right where I set them, so I forget they're even on my face most of the time.  I don't have to keep reaching up to push them back up to the bridge of my nose (which is something I've always had to do, especially while running).  And, they don't bounce around!  They stay in place.  Imagine that!  And, I love how they sit on top of my head when I don't need them on my eyes (while inside or it's too dark out).  The BTB 850s are relatively low profile and they hug my rather large cabeza very nicely :)

At first glance, and really every glance after that, you don't get the feeling they are all that well made.  They are sort of...cheap feeling.  You know when you hold something you can generally tell if it's well made or not?  Well, I was wrong about my BTBs.  They may feel cheap but they are very well made and are holding up extremely well.  I've dropped those suckers on their lenses more than a few times, on varying terrain (not on purpose...I just have butterfingers sometimes :)), and still haven't been able to scratch, dent, break, or really do any harm to these sunglasses.  It's quite astonishing actually.  Color me happy!  Oh, speaking of color, I really dig the amber lenses.  I've always worn darker, smokey lenses in my sunglasses, so I wasn't sure how I was going to like the amber tint.  Love it.  Definitely lighter, obviously, but I'm still not squinting or feeling like I need a darker lense even staring nearly directly at the sun.  (Hey, I needed to really test these suckers out :)) 

As a little bit of an incentive to try out their product, BTB has given me a code to share with my awesome readers, for 30% off a BTB Sport Optic purchase.  Booya!  Just use SERIOUS 30 at checkout and you'll save some bucks on a pair (or more!) of shades that are already seriously affordable.

Oh wait, I haven't even mentioned how freakin affordable these glasses are.  Everything BTB sells is under $50.  They believe that high quality doesn't have to be synonymous with high price.  I can dig that.  The BTB 850s that I picked out retail for $39.95.  A polarized version would only put me out another $10.  Ummm, yes, sign me up! 

So, all in all, I give my BTB 850s a 9.5/10 stars.  I dock a half star for that silly aesthetic reason I mentioned earlier.  That's seriously the only thing though.  I love, love, love these sunglasses and am looking forward to putting them to the 50 mile test at Zane Grey in April, and then, of course, the 100 mile test later on :)

Oh, that's right, the Giveaway!  The lucky winner will receive a pair of any of BTB Sport Optics sunglasses, winner's choice!

I'll keep it nice 'n simple: You just need to leave a comment below in order to qualify.  That easy! 

I just need your name and a quick little snippet telling me where you'd first want to take your BTB Sport Optics if you win.  Have fun with it!    

I'll put each name I receive in a hat and my lovely husband, Geof, will get to draw the lucky name.   

I'll keep this open for the next week or so (the more entries the better!) and then announce it right here on Serious Case of the Runs.

In the meantime, check out BTB's website, and don't forget to use the code SERIOUS 30 to receive 30% off your BTB Sport Optic purchase!

Good luck!

Paige, out.


Alene Gone Bad said...

Hi Paige! Thanks for doing this giveaway! What a coincidence: I *do* need a new pair of sunglasses. And the first adventure they'd go on is my upcoming Double Mickelson Trail run this summer in the Black Hills. (My own little 218 mile adventure run). Alene Nitzky (Journey to Badwater)

ChristieD said...

Hoping to score me a free pair. I have a pair of tri fosi's now...and I'm not married to them.

Beni said...

Woo hoo! I love giveaways. I've been reading your blog for about a year and a half and I'm finally doing my first hundo in July (Burning River). So I guess I'd try them out training for BR. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide- LOVE IT!
-Beni Hawkins

Marcy said...

Hi Paige! Thanks for the giveaway! I'm (well my car is) a proud owner of one of your Serious Case of the Runs bumper stickers. If I won the shades I'd love to wear them on an adventure in the Catskills in NY.

Mandy said...

Oh, cool giveaway!

I'd first take them out on a run on the Ice Age Trail, of course!

eeasterb said...

I'd probably first give them a try running near the house in the Chicago burbs (as if we need sunglasses here in cloud country).

Steve Conn said...

Cool idea and nice looking glasses. I'd take them out to Vegas for a race I'm looking at in the desert.

Eric said...

Cool give-away, Paige! So I plan to wear the new BTB shades on training runs and at Ice Age50 and Kettle Moraine100, but if I'm honest...the FIRST place I'd want to take them is to the bathroom so I could look in the mirror to check out how they look on my face. :)

Create a great day, Eric W.

Eric said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
K said...

Hi! I'd love to win a pair so I could ware them while pacing a friend at AR50!

Jan[et] Cicelia said...

I could really use some bullet-resistant glasses. I drop mine ALL THE TIME. I'd wear them on training runs around the hood. Yes, we actually do get sun in Cleveland... sometimes...
~Jan[et] Cicelia

Veggie Virginia said...

I would love a pair to wear to Panama next month and my first 50k when I return.

Pigeon said...

Wow, the sunglasses sound great. I could always use another pair!

Kalina Zaryczny said...

WHO DOESN'T LOVE FREE??? I'd wear them biking with my beau. My current pair (purchased @ Fleet Feet) continue to malfunction with lenses popping out.
-The one, the only Kalinabina

marisa773 said...

Tired of the hand me downs from the boyfriend. It would be nice to have a sweet brand new pair of shades! I would take them for their inaugural run when we move to Boulder in a few weeks. Thanks for the great giveaway.

Ed Werner said...

Need a new pair of shades, getting them free would be cool. I'd take them for a spin on DesPlaines River Trail.

tweetyscute said...

I would love to take them on a run with me in sunny San Diego.

Jeff said...

Sweet! In a couple of weeks I'm off to run some trails in Malibu. The sun is always strong there! But they would get quite a ride here in the Chi as well.

brian said...

we all know that I'm gonna win this, so others might as well just delete their comment. I'd take the new glasses and trash them, likely, at all the ultras I plan on kicking arse at this year and following. :)

Dominic Pope said...

I'm totally looking for some cool shades! Paige is awesome! oh and she is smart, and funny, such and amazing runner, oh, and what kind of conditioner does she use in her hair, i mean is that silk on her head or what! oh yeah, i hope i win the shades! : )

Geoff said...

When and where would I wear them? Well, it all depends when you hand them off to the lucky winner! They would be appreciated at the Earth Day 50K or Ice Age. However, I think the sunglasses would have more fun in August running to the top of Pikes Peak... and then down! Great discount btw Paige. Thanks!

Kelly Gaines said...

Yay for giveaways!! I actually don't own a pair of sunglasses right now, so winning these would be pretty awesome. I envision (haha) wearing these on a Pate runch...on a sunny day running on this shadeless trail would be even better wearing sunglasses. :) Thanks, Paige!

elly of Brelly

Kelly Gaines said...

Yay for giveaways! I don't own a pair of running sunglasses, so winning a pair would be awesome! I'll likely debut them on a lunchtime run (runch) at Pate. On a sunny day there, it is good to wear shades. :)Thanks, Paige!

aaron said...

hey paige! thanks for having this "giveaway" on your kick ass blog! my present prescription running glasses are fine but they just dont have that "wow" factor i'm looking for. i just gotta wear shades :) thanks again paige!

Leslie said...

If I won these glasses, I would first wear them on my morning run and take them out during the sunrise. Thanks for doing this giveaway:)

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