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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Downright Zaney

Holla, Zane Grey 50M is in four days!  First race for us in since November when we ran Javelina.  We're heading back to more or less the same area once again.  We must really enjoy Arizona, or maybe it's just the whole deserty wilderness thing that we love.  Yea, I think it's that.
I feel like we are pretty gosh darn ready, physically. Maybe mentally.  I guess we'll see.  This has been the best 50 mile training I've ever done.  It has very closely mimicked the training I did for Javelina 100, but with more hills, and longer daily runs, and less racing, and just three months of training rather than four. 

But otherwise it's the same :)

Neither of us really have any expectations for this race given that we have not a clue what to expect, other than it's technical and really, really hard.  But what does that mean?  I'm guessing that just means a sorta long day on the trail :)  Basically, we just want to enjoy ourselves and live to tell the tale of the Zane Grey Highline Trail 50M. 

And I want the shirt that proves I did it :)

I've been out of the Blogger loop of late.  I check in once in a little while on folks, but otherwise my brain has been completely fogged by life.  And training.  Oh, and lots of reading.  It's all good life things and I look forward to writing about them sometime soon :)  Hopefully I haven't missed any good stuff out there! 

I have some really big decisions to make in the next handful of days, like do I wear my hydration pack from the start, or do I start with two bottles and upgrade to my pack  at mile 18? Or do I make the switch at mile 33?  Do I wear my older pair of Sporty Cats and run them out, or wear my newer pair and introduce them to some gnar?  Jacket, or vest with long sleeve shirt?  Local brew or mass produced watery beer afterward?  I guess, whichever is colder will be best :)

These are the things that would keep me up at night if I weren't already so doggone tired :)

Downright zaney I tell ya.

Paige, out.


Johann said...

All the best for the 50m! Sounds like you are ready! I usually start with my hydration pack and somehow feel "safe" that way.

Alene Gone Bad said...

Good luck Paige! Enjoy it, it's a tough, tough course, so focus on the scenery and the awesomeness of where you are. And watch your footing! No faceplants!

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