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Monday, August 27, 2012

Magnet Giveaway: Do You Have the Runs? Part Deux

Way back in February 2011 I had the opportunity to do a super fun little giveaway here on Serious Case of the Runs.  Readers from all over got to announce to the world that they had The Runs!

The same folks reached out to me again this year to see if I'd like to take it up a notch and review one of their magnetic signs bearing my little design.  Why, yes, Magnets on the Cheap, yes I would!

Again, I worked with Megan, and, as always, she was fantastic.  I was sent one of their 9"x12" magnets and I promptly went about seeing where I could stick it.  The fridge didn't accept the challenge, so I headed outside and found that Rob's truck was the perfect model for my new magnet.  

I'm thinking it could be a fantastic little crew vehicle accessory for Bear 100 next month :)

Magnets on the cheap has magnetic signs perfect for vehicles, and for under $10.  Magnets are available in 9"x12", 12"x18" and 12"x24".  So, they're pretty large, but if you've either got a business you'd like to advertise on your vehicle, or you just want to have the most badass crew vehicle at your next race, then check out Magnets on the Cheap and design away!

Now for the fun part!!!  It's a Serious giveaway!  

This time it's slightly less permanent than sticking a bumper sticker on your fridge, car or dog.  This time it's removable and easily transferable :)  I am really only supposed to give away one of the 9"x12" signs, which I am, but I have two fun runner-up prizes to give away as well...magnetic bumper stickers!  They are not available on their website, so unfortunately you cannot purchase the bumper sticker size.  Good thing I have a couple to share with my readers :)  

How to Win Magnetic Runs

It's super easy: just leave a comment below proclaiming you have a really Serious Case of the Runs, along with your name.  I'll post the winner next week, so check back then to see who the lucky winners are!  First prize will be the big magnet, and then I'll pick two peeps to get the smaller magnets.  Geof will be my lovely assistant once again, picking names out of my clean Headsweats hat :)

So, who is bold enough to go for it?  Comment away!

Paige, out.


ed said...

Hey Paige, I'm a victim!

I always enjoy keeping up with your blog & reading about your high flying adventures! I still remember your bad luck in Louisville. I'd offer you & Geof comp entry at LLTH, but I know you'd never come back to drab ole KY. Keep the posts coming!

Sue said...

Hi Paige
I have to admit that I myself have a "Serious Case of the Runs" and would love one of those magnetic stickers. Love your blog and so envious of all the fun your having this summer. Best of luck at the Bear!

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