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Monday, October 1, 2012

I Survived the Bear 100

I am completely swollen with pride (or is that just the post-race edema?) and still can't believe I pulled it off.

There is a full fledged race report in the works, but I wanted to go ahead and post a spoiler :) 

I somehow managed to have what I shall now consider the race of my life thus far.  Even though it wasn't my fastest hundred mile time, it completely eclipses everything else I've done with my running to this point.  I finished in 25h:52m:30s, 7th female, 37th overall (out of 230 starters), and have zero blisters to show for it.  I am one happy camper.  Fantasies of running it again next year began before I even finished.  

So yea, it was a really good day.

More to come, including some freaking amazing photos.  Bear 100 should be on every 100 mile runners' list.  It is painfully gorgeous and brutally tough.

Paige, out.


HappyTrails said...

Awesome! We'll be looking for the full report!

Johann said...

That is fantastic, well done! Wish I was not so far as I would love to run it.

Steve Pero said...

Paige, that is an incredibly fast time on that course...congrats!

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