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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chicago Trash Runners are Famous!

So, as I touched on in my post just prior to this one, last Saturday was the second running of the Chicago Trash Runners. We had a nice gal, Beth, join us from Newcity Chicago Magazine to check out our little group and see what it was all about. Then, she wrote about it! Check out the link, has a picture in it, too. We've officially made it into the big leagues of trash running (yes, there is such a thing... :))


Trust me, this is gonna catch on like wildfire. All it takes is one...

Crash, out.


Jeremy said...

Thanks for all you do Paige!

Unknown said...

hey, this is a great idea! any news on the Vermont group? why VT?

Paige said...

Thanks, Bigzig! Vermont is in the works. Mike (http://polkadotshorts.wordpress.com) is our Vermont dude and is in charge of that group, and I'm assuming will be in/around the Burlington area. Keep checking back here though, and also bookmark http://www.willrun4trash.com; that is where all trash running groups will be able to go to find out about running opp's around the country. A one stop shop, so to speak :) Thanks for reading!

David Ray said...

Another good one, Paige! You've been busy!

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