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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vermont, Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Holy smokes it's here! Holy moly it's 5:04 a.m.! Good gracious I'm running a hundred miles on Saturday! I'm goin' to Vermont!

Yowza, that's all I can come up with! In the last few days leading up to this most hugest of life events I've managed to do a lot of stuff to keep my mind off the impending task (and my feet off the ground), and have learned how to transfer anxiety. Neat little trick, huh? So the week of my very first hundred mile race, I'm stressing out about...next month? What?! I guess I'm not all that too anxiety-ridden about this little run I'm about to do. Or maybe I am and it's going to hit me like two tons of bricks on Friday night, just like it did the night before my first 50-miler. Oy, I do NOT want to repeat that evening of sleeplessness and nightmares!

On the other hand, knowing that I'm not alone has certainly eases my worries, considerably! I'll have Geof by my side, with his ceaseless smile at each crew-accessible aid station, lots of kickass Maine's Trail Monsters along the course (miss you guys!), Mike will be tackling his very first hundred as well and as long as he doesn't gun it (which he probably will!) I'll see him along the course as well, which means I'll also see one of my favorite Mainers, Jeremy (and maybe Becca?)! Lots of fun people, and encouragement along the way. Seriously, the only thing that could possibly add to it would be my CHUGs!

I still can't believe that it's only been 9 months since I first tiptoed into this great sport...9 months! If you had told me back in October, after finishing the Stone Steps 50k, that I would even entertain the idea of running a hundred miles I would have told you to go f*&k yourself. In those exact words. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's what I said when Mike asked me if I'd run 50 miles at that point. Ha, my how things change in such short time!

Well, it's time to grab a cab and we're off to the airport!! May Vermont treat me well, and may Geof not die of boredom waiting for my slow butt to get along the course :)

Go forth and run!

Crash, out.


Anonymous said...

You're gonna rock it girly girl! (spoken in my Tracy Morgan of 3rd Rock voice)

Seriously, relentless forward motion will get you to the finish and don't go out to fast! Enjoy and hopefully we can get a few updates as the race progresses.

Laurel said...

I'll admit I checked out your blog just because I liked the name of it, but it turned out to be good reading! Good luck at Vermont. Stay calm and run easy in the early miles, 100 miles is a long way to go! Also take care of your feet, I think it is going to be wet.

Jason said...

Its your weekend to keep forever Paige. Leave it all out on the trail with no regrets! We are all pulling for you!

Unknown said...

hope you brought your bug stuff! weather here in VT has been ripe for mosquitos and our ever popular saber-toothed black flies! do well, have fun!!!

David Ray said...

Rock it, indeed! Chili peppers and pearls. A winning combination that will overcome all challenges. Go get'em!

Cynical Dirt Doll said...

Good Luck Paige! You'll be brilliant.. relax, and have fun. Take the time to look around and enjoy the moment.. you only get one first 100.

Anonymous said...

"Go fu*k yourself?"


Nope, sailors and truck drivers do *not* have dibs on swearing, people. It's an equal-opportunity employer!

Hopefully the Vermont trail will work *with* you as you finish your first 100 miler, but if that doesn't happen and you encounter unexpected obstacles, you can always pull out the big pearl guns and tell the trail to go F itself, in true Paige form! Then, you'll either finish or not - but something in my gut tells me you're gonna bag it, baby.

Either way, you'll learn something to take with you the next time.


Connie :)

Irish Cream said...

EEEK! So excited!! Good luck, Paige! I will be thinking about you tomorrow. You're going to ROCK THIS THANG!! Enjoy yourself and take some time to take it all in! You're seriously incredible! :)

Dan said...

Have a great time. Enjoy the journey.

Jason said...

Grats on the finish, and kudos to Geof for pacing you!

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