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Monday, August 24, 2009

Working Out the Kinks

I am happy to report I had a fantastic 25-mile week last week, squeezed into four runs. My highest mileage week since Vermont :) And, that was with a supremely stiff neck and upper back. I woke up last Monday physically unable to push myself up out of bed, so I had to roll out of it and onto the floor on my knees before I could raise myself up. Hmm, that's uncomfortable. As the day progressed, it loosened up and I could turn my head a couple inches to the sides, and by evening it was better, but still stiff. Tuesday morning, back at square one. So, I called Dr. H at Active Body Chiropractic and got some ART and some chiro magic on my neck and back that evening. Wednesday better, Thursday worse, Friday WORST. I took a late lunch break and hopped on the bus to Dr. H where I got some delicious e-stim, followed by a long ART session and topped off with an application of BioFreeze, and a physiology vocabulary lesson from Doc H. All better! I woke up Saturday and was able to sit up in bed without much trouble. And the rest of the weekend was great! More on this (with pictures!) later. But the weekend included attending a beautiful wedding up in Door County, WI, visiting with old friends, lots of dancing, kayaking, ping pong, a great run on some gorgeous plush trails, homemade frozen custard, great food, meeting new peeps, and just plain relaxing in a beautiful place.

Shock of shocks, you know when I felt my absolute best, and as if my neck never bothered me before? When I was running. Active rest does it best :) Workin' out the kinks...

Now, back in reality, it's back to the work grind, taking a couple of courses in my 'spare' time (anatomy/physiology and a medical terminology class)...you know, for fun :), getting ready to move once more in October (woohoo!), and kicking my training up a notch so I'm ready to pace amongst those little bumps in the Utah horizon known as the Wasatch Front, oh and so I'm ready for my upcoming 50-miler :)

I can't believe it's almost Fall, and that we've barely had a summer so I'm not quite ready for the official start of Fall (even though this 'summer' has felt like Fall since May). So much to look forward to, and so much I'm excited about. This morning's five miles along the water were lovely, and I'm super glad I got it done this morning so I have time to do some class reading and then relax for a little bit. I printed out a 13-month calendar today so that I can start to 'schedule' my running better and see when I have assignments due and other stuff that is non-relaxing related. We'll see how that goes :)

Crash, out.


David Ray said...

Paige! Planning is good. Frozen custard is better. Glad to hear you're running well again.

Paige said...

DRay! I like how you start your comments now with an exclamation! It's funny! Makes me laugh! :)

Run Home Pam said...

Good luck in school, Paige. Homework! Anatomy! Wow! Head goes on top, feet at the bottom. You'll figure it out :-)

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