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Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Four

Guess who had a pain free run today...


I felt like doing that when I was done :)

It's true, I had a delicious run this morning.  We awoke to chilly temps, so I dusted off the fleece lined tights and a jacket and ducked out for my run/walk.  Turns out, it felt so lovely that I kept forgetting to throw in walk breaks.  But I still managed a few between lamp posts.  Otherwise, it was a smooth and near-effortless 4 miles for this lady! 

That's what I needed.  I needed to feel wind on my cheeks, my feet hitting the ground, my jacket twisting side-to-side with the torque of my torso, my eyes squinting in the sun, my ponytail swishing, my heartrate elevated.  I imagined I was Natascha Badmann gliding along the road in Kona :)  (Yes, guilty, Geof and I have been watching previous IM Hawaiis on the Universal Sports channel the last couple of evenings...that's some serious drama!  Don't hold it against me :))

It's Friday!!  Welcome weekend!

Crash, out.

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