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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Serious Case of the...Rides??


I know this is pretty un-running related...since it's a bike...but, since it involves my very most favorite earth-friendly company, Atayne, I felt compelled to share this here.  Yes, it reduces my chances of winning the contest by a good deal, but I think most of you would be pretty pumped about this as well, so enter while you can!

Here are the deets: Atayne is launching their newest addition to the apparel lineup, the Grind Cycling Jersey, and in celebration of said new jersey they have teamed up with fellow Mainers, Dornbox, to give away a handcrafted, custom fit, performance road bike.  This ain't no cheapo, big-box bike...it's worth something like $4500, yowza!  (I've always been a fan of the big-box bike since I'm cheap with things like wheels, but hey, free is as cheap as it gets, right?!)

Basically, all you have to do is fill out some quick info and upload a picture of you in an Atayne shirt (and I know most of you already love the Atayne as much as I do!) and BAM, you're entered in the contest.  You just need to do it before July 4th, that's when the contest ends.

Here's the link to enter:


Good luck!!

Crash, out.

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