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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hitting the Ground Running

Sunday morning, Geof and I got out for a 'long' run, our first run of the new year.  It was FANTASTIC!  The weather was chilly, but the sun was out in full force and made for a truly awesome run.  We bundled up just right (both of us in our Icebreakers :)) and headed north with high hopes, and discovered that the warm weather earlier that week had completely cleared the path of all the ice, finally!  What a treat it was to get to run north.  The winter is particularly brutal on the section of the path north of Navy Pier...usually the entire winter it is covered in thick, craggy ice, rendering it almost entirely impassable.  You can imagine our excitement at seeing it cleared for once!  It looked as though a hurricane had swept through this section of the path...the wrath of all the ice and freezing waves that washed up onto the path completely demolished entire sections of the pavement.  I mean literally, huge chunks of concrete were missing and strewn about the ground, it was insane.  I've never seen it so ravaged by winter, and it's only January!

According to our Moab Red Hot 55k 'training plan', we had 12 miles to cover that day, but I had woken up with only 10 in mind.  However, I decided I had it in me to go further :)  The run was top notch.  We dressed prefectly for the cold weather and were quite comfortable.  I, of course, had to pee really bad as soon as we hit the lakefront path, but somehow I miraculously managed to hold it the entire run.  Though, I eyed every nook and cranny along the path as potential...points of relief :)  Geof wore his GPS and commented on our speed a few times.  I was quite surprised, and when we went over the mileage and total time back home, it matched up perfectly.  We were holding 8:30s for the entire 12 miles (typical for G, not so for me), and the best part was how effortless it felt.  Maybe it was the challenging snow running in the weeks prior?  I dunno, but I loved every second of it. 

I took Monday off running to recover and revel, and then this morning we headed out and chose the north path once again.  Gotta enjoy it while we can!  What felt like a good deal of labor ended up being another solid effort.  I didn't feel really off but I also didn't really feel on.  Kind of a weird limbo between the two, and I resolved to keep on keepin' on.  I thought 4 miles was reasonable, but we ended up cranking out 6 miles...hip hip hooray! 

I should also note that this was sweaty run number seven in my Icebreaker top...and guess what? still no stank!  I seriously love this shirt.  Geof said that at some point I'll need to wash it...that just because it doesn't stink doesn't mean it's not grody :) 

May everyone's 2011 training be off to as good a start!

Crash, out.


Stacy said...

Sounds like you're on a roll. Nice.

Glad the Icebreaker is treating you right ... and big thanks for including WRC on your list of Favorite Things. The feeling is mutual!

You may have gathered I'm not running Moab -- long story -- but I haven't completely ruled out coming over to spectate and whatnot.

Just noticed you're on Twitter. Cool.

Paige said...

Noooooo, not running Moab?! Well, I think spectating would be awesome, and you guys should totally do that :)

Run Home Pam said...

Go, Paige! I haven't strung twelve 8:30s together since the mid 90s!


LEWIS said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys soon for the Red Hot 50K+! I put a link up to your blog from mine- check it out: www.ben-runlong.blogspot.com.

Chicago Trail Running said...

Nice use of the word "grody".

rinusrunning said...

Goodluck this new year with the ultra running and curious how state competitions ultra runs!.
Keep it up.

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