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Saturday, July 7, 2012

No Reservations: A Taste of Home

Home sweet home.  I love home :)  And that's where we were headed next...

On the way, we made a tiny detour to have lunch with Stacy of Wilderness Running Company.  We had an awesome lunch at the Painted Pony in St. George, Utah.  Great to see you Stacy!!  

We also took the Kolob Canyons scenic road to get a quick taste of Zion National Park, per Stacy's recommendation.

We spent five days back at home in Salt Lake (the longest we've been home since we moved!) and got a bunch of super fun responsible adult-type chores done, and just plain hung out.  We also met up with the Park City Trail Runners on Geof's birthday for a long run on the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase course.  A nice introduction to PC trail running!  Rather than blathering on about how awesome home is, here's a little photo journal...

 Geof testing out the pool slide

Dinners, just how we like them...awesome

View from the back porch...

Meghan, Lee, Bethany and Geof atop Tri County in Park City, UT

Atop Jupiter Peak

Bethany, me, Lee, dude, Meghan on Jupiter Peak

"We made it!  Thanks for waiting!" :) I actually had cuts on my hands and legs from scrambling up that final climb.  Yikes!

Lucy watching Geof water the lawn...clearly a very entertaining event

 Geof installing the fresh new Utah plates, YAY!!!

After our time in UT, we needed to get back to the Midwest for a wedding and an anniversary party!  A taste of our former 'home' :)

 Congrats to Chris and Sarah!  A beautiful wedding in St. Joseph, MI (and who doesn't love a photo booth?!)

Happy 70th wedding anniversary to Ed and Carolyn Dunmore!  Yes, 70 YEARS!  Amazing and totally awesome :)

Uncle Jim took us to the shooting range to test our our skills.  Turns out we have a few skills ;)  Thanks, Jim!

Then, we managed to convince Uncle Jim (Jim Dunmore & Sons Home Improvement - Clinton, IA) to build us a sleeping platform in the bed of our Tacoma.  It fricking ROCKS.

We managed to squeeze in some good ol' humid Midwestern runs, and even banged out our first track workout in years!  That was a blast :)

And that was that!  

Next up, beautiful Colorado.  Sweet, sweet Colorado...

Paige, out.

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David Ray said...

I enjoy that you guys look so happy. It's nice to see.

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