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Friday, March 20, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To...

I figured that since I always write about my running, perhaps I should write about something somewhat non-running related, just to keep it interesting, and to keep you guessing :)

I've noticed a couple of things this week that sort of stuck with me for some reason. For starters, I was walking down Wabash, heading back to the office after a gym session on Tuesday when a woman coming out of a high-rise crossed in front of me carrying a bunch of bulky boxes. She seemed a bit wobbly and looked to be at least twice my age on first glance. Then I looked down at her shoes (I have a thing for shoes, it's usually one of the first things I notice about a person). Good gracious, the woman had on 4 1/2" heels in shocking red patent leather! No wonder she looked like a complete idiot walking. She was taking bird-like steps and sort of clomping down...very unbecoming, and made it glaringly obvious how uncomfortable she was. I looked down at my cute little Keen flats and smiled. Happy feet :)

Not so long ago, I was a high heel touting femme fatale...haha, not exactly, but you'd have been hard pressed to find me not in high heels. Well, other than when I was running. Then, my sports doc had a good old fashioned "sittin' down" with me when I kept showing up at his office with shin complaints. He told me I really needed to reconsider my current footwear, while glancing down at my beautiful deep red stiletto heels on the floor. "But they're so cute!" Yea, well, cute only does you so much good. Naturally, I was stubborn at first, but all Doc needed to do was tell me that I could run into some serious foot/ankle/knee problems down the line that could really put a wrench in my running if I didn't take better care of my lower extremities. FINE. That was about nine months ago. So, as I finally unpacked all my shoes a couple of weekends ago, I tried on each of my former faves and waltzed around the house for a bit. And you know what? My ankles and knees kinda hurt afterwards! Too bad...I have a pair of hot pink patent leather ones I wore once, on a dare (because they're so ridiculous looking), and a pair of ankle-busting black patent sling-backs that I just look longingly at now. *Sigh* The things we do for the love of running :)

Today, I decided I should go to the bank at lunch and deposit some checks I'd forgotten about, then I thought it was so nice to actually see the sun (even though it's fripping cold out) so I walked up Michigan Avenue to a store I haven't been in since this time last year. I've shrunk in the last year, considerably (due to the running), so none of my dress pants fit me and I decided it was high time to get a pair that actually fits. I walked into the store and was immediately assaulted by the door greeter. For the love! I hate that kind of thing. Yes, I get that they want to give the perception of great customer service, but that in-your-face stuff is so obnoxious. I thought I was done with the greeter dude, but no, there was a flamboyant greeter for every square foot of the store, and it has three floors! I'm one of those customers who prefers to be left alone when shopping, and if I need help, I'll ask for it. I really had to work hard at not being rude, and I succeeded, but their antics were almost enough to walk me right out the door. Except that I found the most perfect pair of black pants.

In the dressing room there was a girl shouting (over the already blaring bollywood music, and yapping customers) about some swimwear deal on the second floor. I was in there all of 5 minutes and she must have said the same damn speal 10 times. No joke. The place was bumpin', too. Packed with people shopping, and young kids toting their own Starbucks drinks. Ah, capitalism.

Needless to say, I considered dropping to the ground and kissing it once I got outside. I just don't enjoy shopping the way I used to. I'm more of the online shopper these days, and I so rarely spend money on things that have nothing to do with running :)

When I got back to the office, there were brownies in the kitchen. What a day, a sweet pair of pants and brownies?! Even better, it's an informal Beer Runner event tonight at a bar I haven't been to before in L Square. Should be fun! And a great way to round out my recovery week. Beer. Sunday I plan to hit the trail for a slow easy one.

ORN: I've been icing my right knee like a madwoman, and have been working on the suggested strengthening exercises for PFPS. Good ol' runner's knee. No hills this weekend, and I've been walking sideways down stairs to avoid aggravating it further. The achilles is much better now, too. I think I'm too the point in my mileage that I need to pay better attention to that area and be more diligent about my stretching of it. Done and done. Oh, and I've been absolutely ravenous this week. My keyboard has begun to look appetizing. I keep having to remind myself that I had a pretty long run last weekend at LBL :) A prelude to what's to come post-McNaughton!

I've been scouring race postings for a trail marathon for this year. It's one of my goals for the year and it's tough deciding on which one. It also depends a lot on what other races I sign up for. Everything is contingent on everything else. Decisions, decisions.

Paige, out.

"Never take life [too] seriously; nobody gets out alive anyway." ~ Unknown


Cynical Dirt Doll said...

I too am a reformed high heel addict. I love to still LOOK at my collection but I made the mistake a few months ago of wearing a pair for a night out on the town.. this night on the town took place after a 30 mile training run, and while I made it through the night OK, the next day on a 20 mile run I couldn't figure out why my achilles was making me cry.. I barely limped through the run and then like a sledgehammer it hit me.. DUH! 4 inch heels you idiot! Won't do that again!

Michael said...

Oh holy hell Paige - a few more posts about high heels and you're bound to lose your male contingent.. ;) Anyway, I read it b/c ... well...bored I guess. Funny how I never go out on Friday nights b/c I have a long run to do on Saturday mornings - priorities right? Anyway, have a beer for me tonight - and get back to running posts - your bread and butter. Hope you enjoyed your well deserved day off.

David Ray said...

Hey, I like the high heel discussion. :) Do wall sits to strengthen the quads, stabilize the knee, and help the runner's knee.

We've got a nice trail marathon down here in Georgia in October. Check out the Mystery Mountain Marathon. I ran it last year and the report's on my blog. Lots of fun and well done.

Paige said...

Dirt Doll,

I did the same thing over the Holidays, except it was my ankles that screamed at me the next day, they felt so loose from wobbling around in heels all night. Ugh, so not worth it!


I felt a post was in order, but since this has been my recovery week I decided to go out on a limb and expand my blogging horizons a tad :) No worries, though...only one non-running post every blue moon or so :) I hope your long run went swimmingly today!!! Brad's a bad influence, FYI.


Your Mystery Mountain blog was the first blog of yours that I read, and loved it :) I do have that on my tentative list at my desk. I may need a bigger Post-It note because I keep finding so many races I want to do. It's a problem of mine ;) I heart wall sits, by the way. I think I'll do some this afternoon!

David Ray said...

And I was thinking if you're looking for something sooner, the Twisted Ankle Marathon is in May. Haven't run it but I'm signed up this year.

And a good writer can blog about anything and be entertaining. You're a good writer.

Paige said...

Thanks, D-Ray :)

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