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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Maine-ly About Running...

But sometimes it's also about really cool places I venture off to...

In the 'brush' in Acadia
You do not even realize how excited I am for Maine. To put it in perspective a bit, imagine being a kid in a candy store, 1st place finisher at Hardrock, getting Jurek-like speed for Christmas, winning the lottery and a life-time supply of ice cream all rolled into one. That's close to how excited I am to go back to Maine. Very close. Throw in a year supply of Shipwreck's Pumpkin Ale and I think that's a near match for excitement :)

Quick recap, in case you missed my first post about my Maine Squeeze... I flew to the land of "The Way Life Should Be" last October with my sister, Holms. The thing that drew me to it in the first place was to run the Maine (1/2) Marathon with Brad, Chrissy and Becca from Chicago Beer Runners, but then I was recruited to full on trash running with Atayne. Holms and I rented a condo on the East End section of Portland. We ventured up to Acadia for a day, Freeport a couple of times for shopping, got some tats, and otherwise tried to eat at as many restaurants as we could in the Old Port.

A quick pictorial...

Stick wars in Acadia, near Jordan Pond House

Holms, stuck in a tree, "somebody, save me!"

I really wanted to climb this wall...I pulled over to the side of the road just for this. That's about as high as I got. Could I have stuck my ass out any further you think?

On my way to find some lobstah in the Old Port...leaf strewn brick sidewalks = the way to my heart!

Looks like the lobstah found me...this is outside some ice cream/fudge shop/tourist trappy place in Bar Harbor, just outside Acadia
So I'm looking to have at least as much fun as I did the first time around, only this time...I'll be running my 2nd 50-miler, at Pineland Farms! Atayne's going to be settin' up shop at the race this year, too, so that will be cool to have Jeremy and Becca hangin' tough with us ultra nerds :)

I am hoping (fingers crossed!) to make it up to Acadia again so I can test out some of the trails there and get some more pictures. The long drive would be worth it.

Leaving tomorrow for the promise land!! I can't wait to share my adventures when I get back...hopefully with a nice shiney gold cowbell :)

Crash, out.


Lori said...

Have some fun, fun, fun and throw some x-tra in for me will you? ;)

Jamie Crosby said...

Good luck with your race!

Paige said...

Thanks, Lori and Jamie! Yes, I'll throw in some extra fun for you, Lori, why not :)

David Ray said...

Have a great race, Paige! Hope the whole weekend surpasses your expectations.

Jamie Anderson said...

See ya in a few days! Nice weather expected on race day.

Michael said...

Somehow you actually look tan in some of those pictures :)

I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!

See you soon!!

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