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Monday, August 31, 2009

Can't Beat That!

Now for a little more running-related updates...this weekend was a great running weekend for me, among other things. I finally felt good, and not just a little good, but a lot good! Geof said, "I think you're ready." Meaning ready to get back into it. I think he's right :) Saturday, Geof headed out for his long run, and I headed out to my mom's to tend to some stuff out there, then headed back into the city where Geof and I set out to participate in the third semi-annual Chicago Beer Runners Pub Run!

The full route ended up being 6.25 miles, with five pub stops along the way, but since we just left from the apartment, we got in a little over 5 miles total, bringing Geof's day to 32 miles, wowza! The pub run was a great time, got to catch up with some of my original Beer Runners that I hadn't seen since before McNaughton, back in April! Enjoyed some delicious new refreshments and got in some fun miles. The Pub Run ran around the Loop this time so it was fun to check out places I hadn't been to yet, and it's always fun to try out new brews :)

Sunday, Geof and I set out to do 10 miles so he could round out his 100 mile week, and a 30 mile week for me...I was only planning on 25, so the extra five miles were a little bonus :) It was a beautiful day yesterday with cooler temps (in the 60s), a solid wind, the sun out in full effect, and everyone and their mother was out enjoying the day and either participating or spectating the Chicago Triathlon along the lakefront. I've never seen a triathlon before, it's not really my thing, but it was really neat to witness the tail end of the event and run through the madness that was Monroe Harbor. Wow, was it busy and crammed with people! It's nice to see so many people out, enjoying the day, doing something good for themselves. It was even nicer to negotiate the crowd and get past it all :) We did a couple loops around Northerly Island, taking in the great scenery and wildflowers, making up stories about the people we encountered along the way, talking about how hungry we were and how much we did not want to do work/study later on. I was enjoying myself so much I didn't even notice how good I felt until we were about done! Best I've felt in awhile, and worlds better than I felt last Thursday during the rainy, evening 10-miler.

Another great weekend of running. You just can't beat that! Hopefully I can replicate yesterday's run and continue to build on that from here on out :)

Less than two weeks now until Geof and I head out to Utah to crew and pace our friend and fellow CHUG, Gary, through the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run. This will be his first 100-mile race and I'm really looking forward to helping get him across the finish line a happy runner :) It's going to be a ridiculously awesome experience and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. I can hardly imagine what it's going to be like, Wasatch is no joke my friends!

Crash, out.


Running Mommy said...

Sounds like a great weekend. A pub run sounds lovely. I always run 5 miles to a pancake restaurant where I have a nice cup of coffee, and then I run 5 miles home.

Would you like to exchange links?

Paige said...

Mmm, a run to pancakes? Now we're talkin'! Love your blog by the way, good stuff!

Irish Cream said...

Aw, your pub runs sound like SO much fun! I wish someone would come up with something like that around here . . . or maybe they have, but I just haven't found it yet? I should get on that!

Glad you are feeling back to normal! :)

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