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Monday, February 14, 2011

Guilty As Charged

I'm guilty.  In the worst trail runner way.

Last week really tested my winter lovin' self, and I...stayed inside.  The temps were in the single digits, the ground was covered in a thick layer of crappy half slush/half frozen crap and I just had no more interest in heading outside for my runs.  So, Geof being the BAMF that he is, headed out for his morning runs solo, braving the cold like a champ.  And, I being the pansy that I can sometimes be, threw on a pair of shorts and my short sleeve Icebreaker top and walzted my butt downstairs to the gym to set up shop on my favorite treadmill. 

(No, I didn't fall off, but the above picture cracked me up.)  It's all the way on the far right end, has a TV screen that can be moved aside (I never use those), and is right in front of a wall of windows.  It's almost always guaranteed to be available because it's not one of the fancy updated models lined up the rest of the way down the wall o' windows.  I enjoyed four runs on that there treadmill and got in some high quality workouts each time.  It was nice to sweat during a run again and not freeze my behind off :)

To make up for that minor lapse in judgment, we headed outside for a glorious (and surprisingly warm!) final long-ish run on Saturday.  The sun even joined us for the occasion!  The night before, we were dinner-lazy and decided to dine on some homemade hummus we concocted, and chips.  Yea, that's it.  Well, that and some 'liquid carbs'.  While it was quite delicious, it was not a good way to fuel up for a run the following day.  So, I spent pretty much the entire run feeling as though I was running in water.  It made sense: you put crap in, you get crap results; so there you have it.  At least we still managed to crank out a solid tempo pace that surprised me quite a bit once we finished up.  Lesson learned: if you fuel right, you'll feel right; if you don't, you're (I'm) a chump :)

Sunday, we met up with some CHUGs at Poplar Creek for a group run/hike (oh, how I've missed group CHUG runs!!).  Since the temps reached into the upper-30s/low 40s the deep snow had started to soften which made for a lot of difficult footing for much of the time we were out there.  We're guessing our group (Brian, Eric, Geof and I) got in a little more than four miles in just over an hour.  But, it was just beautiful out!  The sun was out, a bit of a breeze, and the forest was so peaceful and clean covered in snow.  The white-tailed deer were out en masse, prancing all around us.  I love seeing those little guys. 

This week I'll take it a little easier as our next race is coming up on Saturday!  Moab's Red Hot 55k is next up and I'm super excited to 1) race again, and 2) visit a totally new-to-me place.  Plus, we'll be in awesome company, with the Salt Lake crew.  Of course, this morning's run was the fastest I've ever run our 6-mile route, but at least the legs felt awesomely fresh.  So I'll start "taking it easy" tomorrow :)  F'real. 

I had the chance to take my newest Sporty Cats (awesomely nicknamed "Snazzy Cats" by Kelly, lol!) on Sunday, and am happy to report that our reuniting was simply marvelous!  The discontinued color style suits me best in those shoes; no modifications necessary :)  I think I'll put them to a good long test in Moab.

Okay, if you really need a giggle and a smile, watch THIS.  This kid is hilarious!  His facial expressions still have me giggling about it.  Good, clean fun.  Kids are funny :)

Crash, out.


Georgia Snail said...

That kid was awesome, thanks for sharing!

Eric B said...

I had a great time running with you guys Sunday. Have a great race next weekend. Looks like spectacular scenery. Enjoy, take lots of pics.

Paige said...

Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed that @GeorgiaSnail!

@Eric B - I'm hoping there will be much photographing of Moab :)

HappyTrails said...

Moab is great! I think you will have a BLAST!

Dirty Running said...

Good luck at Moab, that's such a beautiful area.

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