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Sunday, April 17, 2011


The last couple of weeks have been some serious rest and recovery from the marathon and it seems as though it's paying off.  I really needed some time off and to step back a bit.  Playing around on my training log, I noticed I had five straight weeks of 40+ miles, and not a single one of those miles was what I would classify as "easy."  Every run was really solid, even when I didn't feel all that great, I was still pulling off very decent pacing.  Just for the record, I have never had a streak like that...in the past, I've only been able to pull off two weeks of 40+ miles before needing a step back.  So I'm pretty psyched to know I can actually handle a little more than I thought.  I'm also realizing how much potential has been left untapped all this time.  Whudda thought?!

That said, I needed some rest :)  I had some residual aches and pains left over from the race that I needed to give some time to work themselves out.  I ended up taking a full 5 days off from running...GASP!!  I've been easing back into my routine, and even got Stiletto out for a couple of rides now that the weather is getting better. 

Speaking of, last weekend was the gazillionth running of the Shamrock Shuffle 8k downtown.  It was forecast to be in the 80s and sunny, so Geof and I dusted off the bikes and rode around catching the front-runner fasties at major intersections before heading to the finish to watch the winner cross the line in under 23 minutes (I believe).  Simply amazing, those guys are FAST!  We noodled around on the bikes awhile longer, grabbed muffins and sat in the middle of Grant Park, people-watching and enjoying the sunshine on our arms and legs.  The day was too awesome to be inside, so we dropped off the bikes and headed out for a run.  Mmmm, delicious day!

Today was another picture perfect day, though not quite as warm.  I met up with fellow CHUGs Kelly, Sarah, Deanna and Jennifer for a run along the path before heading to brunch at Orange.  I ran with Sarah and I think we got about 7 or so miles in before we all reconvened and got our nosh on.  I have to say, the Tijuana Benedict I had for brunch was awesome and a great post-run meal :)  Hanging out, just us ladies, was a blast and it was fun to catch up and talk about upcoming races and training.

When I got home, I stood in the window observing the still-cloudless sky and decided I couldn't possibly be inside (especially when snow is expected this evening, yuck!) so I took Stiletto out for another ride.  Ah, it was gorgeous!  I did forget to put on my padded bikes shorts (wore my running tights) so I'm pretty sure my butt is going to fall off.  I'll need to sit on a pillow for a couple days, lol ;-) 

Picture perfect afternoon on the way home
Well hello there!  My bike has nice pipes :)

Next weekend is the Horseriders 34M fat ass run, one of the myriad races put on by New Leaf Ultra Runs (check 'em out on Facebook).  I'm not sure what I'll put in for the day, but I'll at least do a couple of loops.  The beverages and friends hanging out at the pavilion/aid station may be more enticing than logging big miles that day :)  But, who knows.  If I'm feeling it, then I may go for it, but I want to keep my eyes on the prize; I've got goals to reach!

Looking forward to Geof getting home tonight...he's been in Moab for the last three days for his bachelor gathering (aka Mancation).  Nothing but mountain biking, hiking, running, rafting, 4x4ing, and his best buds in the desert.  So jealous!  I love Utah :)

I'll catch you on the flipside.

Paige, out.

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Anonymous said...

I put the bumpersticker you gave me on my car. I had a guy stop, read it, and laugh his a$$ off. I admit, I laugh when I see it too! Thanks again!

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