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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We're Streaking, Man!

It's February, so what does that mean?  It's time to streak.

Like really streak, non-stop, balls to the wall, no holds barred.  Streaking.

Yes, I really did just type 'balls to the wall'.  And again.  I also just learned the origin of "no holds barred"...it stems from a wrestling match in which all holds are legal.  And, interestingly, I just found out today that wrestling is being removed from the Olympics.  Say what?!  That's like the original sport of all sports.  Fighting.  Scantily clad gentlemen, scowls, pain, the whole nine yards.  That's what they DID back in the day, when the Olympics were first dreamed up.  What a funny world we live in now :)  Hopefully they keep track and field around for a bit longer...

Wow, so that was probably the strangest tangent I have gone off on here.

Where was I?  Oh, yes, streaking.

Geof and I accepted the challenge of running at least a mile every day in February as part of our satellite membership of our old running group back in Chicago, New Leaf Ultra Runs.  They do fun stuff like this every so often, and we decided to jump on the bandwagon.  Why not, we're running anyhow, may as well make it interesting :)  Plus, it will get us all geared up for the 100 Miles in Three Days challenge NLUR has lined up in early March.  Honestly, how did I get tangled up in this?  I'm happy to run 100 miles in less than a day, but somehow I'm having trouble visualizing doing it over the course of three days.  That weekend, life = on hold.

So we're running every day.  If it hadn't been for this challenge, I totally would have skipped running the entire weekend two weekends ago...when we stayed up for 24 hours and moved.  It was a tamer version of when we moved across the country last May, but still.  We woke up at 4 a.m., ran six, went to work, picked up a moving truck, chopped up the ice in the driveway, moved all of our stuff in three trips, cleaned up an epic flooding mess, showered, slept for a couple hours, got up, ran again, unpacked all day long, slept a little, got up, ran some more, settled into new house.  And it was just the two of us the entire time.  Lifting heavy stuff.  My levator scapulae and latissimi dorsi were screeeaaaaming.  Yep, I just went anatomical on you.  But we got 'er done.  And we still are.

It's fun.  But now I'm wondering how it's going to feel running the day after laying the smack down on the Red Hot 55k course down in Moab this weekend.  Should be interesting.  At least there will be pizza.  And beer.  I'm looking forward to our first race of the season, and hanging out with lots of my favorites in a really beautiful place :)

Oh, so neither Geof nor I made it into Wasatch this year.  What are the chances?  Apparently quite high.  So now we put our focus onto the dear, sweet Bear instead.  We're going sub-24.  No excuses.

Day 13 of the streak.  And, like, day 10 of not enough sleep.


Paige, out.

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