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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yaktrax Contest Winners!

It's a beautiful morning here in Salt Lake City and a great day to pick some winners!  I extended the giveaway one extra week in order to give more peeps a chance to enter.

The time has now arrived...

I first forced myself to complete some school work.  I then stared outside at the frozen yard, still covered in two feet of snow.  *Sigh*  Is it terrible that I'm already looking forward to spring and it's only the first week of February?  Oh well.

I digress!

From the magic hat I pulled three lucky names.  Please contact me at susanpaige1 at gmail dot com with your name, mailing address, Yaktrax preference (Pros, Runs or XTRs), and size (XS = W 2.5-6 / M 1-4.5; S = W 6.5-10 / M 5-8.5; M = W 10.5-12.5 / M 9-11; L = W 13-15 / M 11.5-13.5; XL = W 15.5+ / M 14+) by the end of this week.

Include in the subject of your email "YAKTRAX WINNER" so that it stands out just in case it goes to spam for some reason :)  I will forward your information to my contact and they will send you your prize directly.  Sound good?


Anne W.

Congratulations, ladies!  It was a chick sweep!

Thank you to everyone who participated!  I hope to have more like this in the future...this was fun :)

Paige, out.

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