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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Everything's Coming Up Roses

I have sunshine coming out of my a** :) It's pretty great!

Tuesday, I ran 2.2 miles in the morning along the lakefront. It was lovely out, a little humid, but lovely. I felt okay, better than last Friday for sure. I could still feel my hip/glute problem, which brought me to a walk a couple of times, but it's worlds better than last week. Phew!

This morning, I really upped the anty and ran 2.7 miles on the same route. I know, I know, I'm pushing it ;) It was a much better run! I even had some speed in the ol' legs...I glanced at my Garmin a few times and I was cranking out sub-8:30 (hey, that's good for me these days!). I even had my heartrate up! To quote Krissy from a recent blog post of hers, "I felt human." And that is good. Still could feel the same hip/glute thingy, but it didn't reduce me to a walk. I'm thinking this Saturday's CHUG camping/night running outing at Marengo Ridge is going to be a "high mileage" night for me...maybe 10 miles??? Who knows, but I do know that I will be indulging in some s'mores, some good old smack talk around a campfire with some of my favorite peeps, and plenty of laughs and good times. I enjoy night running, so this will be a treat!

Speaking of treats, I got my new running jacket in the mail today! I ordered the ladies' North Face Venture Jacket:

It's water and windproof, super thin and can fit over layers...perfect for cold/wet runs! I got this sweet little number from Backcountry...which if you've never used them before, use them. Or use Steep and Cheap. S&C is somehow tied to Backcountry and it has ridiculously low prices on outdoor gear; every 20 minutes is a new item, so I just keep it up in my browser throughout the day when I'm trolling for something specific...like my new jacket! Not to sound like an advertisement or anything (and there's no financial interest, just a happy customer).

That's my story morning glory. Just having a great week, and really looking forward to the weekend. I am also really looking forward to this whole 'post-100 recovery' thing to be over. I wanna run far again! I'm thinking I might wear these for the camping/running trip:

Chili-peppin' it before VT100

Oh, how I miss that race!! I've got an itch for another 100-miler...

Crash, out.


Run Home Pam said...

Which 100's are you thinking of???

Go easy this weekend! I went too hard last weekend and I'm back on injured reserve. Our bodies heal so much slower than our brains.....

Stay happy!


Paige said...

Lots!! None for this year, though, just a 50 and a trail 'thon. But next year, oh next year I have a list in my head already! Umstead, Kettle Moraine, Lean Horse, Heartland...so many!

Run Home Pam said...

Susan and I are looking at Umstead, too. Tough to get in. Fills up fast. I heard it filled in 20 mins this year. Wowza!


Paige said...

Holy moly, 20 minutes?! Hmmmm.

Massanutten might be a little too hardcore for me just yet. Maybe in 2011 after some 'mountain' training :) But, you never know!

David Ray said...

Pinhoti! I'm toying with the idea of that one in 2010. If I can work up to 50 miles and still be happy like Paige.

Glad to hear recovery is going well. Run smart!

Anonymous said...

The best part of your blog is your attitude! I love your positive, don't take it all too seriously, approach.

GTI said...

Hey! Apparently, that new rain jacket of yours also has the built-in ability to make all of the reat of you invisible! But it isn't doing much to control that sunshine out of your @$$ thing. ;-)

Paige said...

HA! Thank you for that, Greg, I just laughed outloud at that one!! I do enjoy the 'invisibility' element of the jacket. It also comes with an optional feature of 'superhero strength and agility' but I decided not to spring for it this time :)

JW - Thanks!! I'm glad you enjoy reading :)

DRay - You are considering a HUNDO?!?!?! That is simply marvelous, I LOVE it! Now, lets get you in a 50 (which you will totally rock, no doubt), then sign you up for the hundo. This is fabulous!

samplingerror said...

Also a Backcountry & S&C fan - in fact, ordered a few more pair of Salomon XA Pros from Backcountry this morning (bringing my total pairs up to 41 or 42). Hooray!

Glad you're hip's doing OK - sorry I can't make the social outing tonight :(

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