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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This and That

Today's run was HOT.  Like having a hot, wet rag over your face and nose, breathing thick, wet air.  The sun boiling just above the horizon at just a little after 6:30 a.m.  How is it so hot already?!

So humid that the sweat you manage to expel from your pores just sits there on the surface of your arms, legs, chest, your brow...just waiting to drip down into an eye.  Even a hat with a built in sweatband is no match for this weather.  My socks were soaked (and that just doesn't happen to me).  My running clothes looked like I ran them under a faucet.  I think the humidity level hovered around 162%. 

But the legs felt so good.  The heart and mind felt best.  We were running!

And the heat, a welcome friend to the chilly tundra of Chicago! :)

Tuesday Ten Miler turned into a T8 as we got a late start.  I'm pretty sure there was not a single step more left in my legs, though.  So, T8 it was!  We adjusted our pace a little for the heat, but we still ended up finishing pretty quick.   

It's days like today that I can't even begin to fathom how people run Badwater :)  But then I remember how deliciously dry it is there, like being wrapped in a fluffy down blanket, rather than a hot, wet rag.

Next week, we tackle the T10 again :)  Time to remove the honeymoon legs and put back on my running legs...I have a goal to achieve in one month's time.  I'm aiming to shatter that 10 hour barrier for 50 miles at the Sunburn 12 hour run.  Anything beyond that will be gravy.  Of note: there is a rumor that my mom and one of my sisters will be hangin' that day at the race...a momentous occasion as no one in my family has ever witnessed my ultrarunning.

Just another day in training!

Paige, out.


Digger said...

Like running in soup!

Eric B said...

Paige you will get that 50 miles under 10 hrs, no problem for you. Good seeing you and your new husband up at the KM100 last weekend.

Jessie said...

It's hot and humid here too! Makes you feel like you're moving through sludge. Glad you had a good run, though!

Paige said...

@Digger - true story! A really thick soup without a lot of 'stuff', just thick hotness :)

@Eric - Thanks and likewise! Hopefully we'll catch you at Sunburn!

@Jessie - thick, soupy sludge! But it's such a nice change of pace from all the rain and cold we've had here all spring!

Ev said...

We Mississippians are used to the soup! Its normal and you get used to it. You also manage to lose an extra 10 pound when marathon training over the summer months... Hey, there are perks to high humidity! :) Over a dozen of running club friends (www.bonitarunningclub.com) are running the appropriately named Tupelo "Trample the weak, Hurdle the Dead" marathon & 14.2 miler on September 4th. Super soupy!! Bring it on!!!

Paige said...

@Ev, I simply LOVE the name of the marathon you're running in September, too funny!!

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