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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

T10 You Are My Friend

What do you get when you pair a random Tuesday with blurry blue skies (the kind of sky that looks sorta hazy, sorta not...just plain blurry), long legs and the Dunmores?  Tuesday Ten Miler! 

Huzzah, we back baby!

Yesterday's T10 felt awesome, and surprisingly quick and springy.  In the aftermath, I felt every step of it, which is funny 'cuz the aftermath of my trail 50k just four weeks ago left my legs feeling fresher than before the race.  How does that happen?  I wore my RecoFit calf sleeves all day at work and today I am very thankful for those sleeves :) 

So thankful, in fact, that we stepped out into the pouring, blowing rain this morning for a quick three miles around the Pier.  Why not?  Geof says the wind was gusting at 25mph, and I believe it.  I was getting blown sideways and then we had a terrific tailwind on our way back.  If we had been running the 2011 Boston Marathon our finish time would not have counted due to the tailwind ;-)  I kid.  A little.

Anywho, three groovy runs in a row this week.  That's pretty sweet.  You know what else is also sweet, but not too sweet?  Trader Joe's non-fat Greek yogurt with honey and strawberry preserves stirred in.  I could literally subsist on that stuff right now.  SO GOOD!

So that's the good word this week.  Hopefully there's a long run in our future.  We're in need of one of those :)

Paige, out.


Stacy said...

I'm also a very big fan of the Tuesday 10 program. Just seems to be the best weekday to get in some quality. Makes the weekend adventures so much more pleasurable. I suspect it is one of the key reasons for the great racing results you've had so far this year. It's a newish habit for you, is it not?

Paige said...

Tuesday really is the best day for it...a day or two to recover from a weekend long run, an easy run Monday, then BAM T10. It's the BEST way to start the day, too.

We started T10 in fall '09 when I was in school Monday and Wednesday evenings and missing out on good running nights. So we instituted the T10 so we could do a longish run together after work early in the week. It was an easy way to bump up the mileage early on. Now it's just plain fun and something to look forward to. The habit stuck!

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