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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eat, Drink and Be Married!

I'm back, I'm back!

After a very full and very exciting last couple of weeks, we are back, we are well fed, well 'hydrated', well relaxed, sufficiently soft and quite glowy!  Honeymooning is so amazing :) 

Check it out, weez got hitched!  Us ultrarunners clean up pretty well, no? ;)

We weren't completely lazed out on the honeymoon, we did manage to squeeze in a few runs, one of which was down the side of the crater of a volcano...

There was a lovely beach trail from the resort, through some ancient ponds, along a palm tree speckled road, and a golf course.  The weather was hot and sunny everyday and it was glorious. 

Friday we decided to drive down to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to see what all the hubbub was.  It's pretty cool.  We both donned our favorite Chaco sandals and had no illusions of getting a run in, but once we set out on foot, playing the day by ear, and were presented with a beautiful downhill trail, leading us to the Kilauea Crater we just could not help ourselves.  Glancing at the mileage posted on the trail marker, we decided it would be much faster to run the 2 miles down to the crater than it would be to walk it.  When in Rome!  I tied my fleece around my waist, and Geof put our phones and camera securely in the bottoned pocket of his hiking shorts...and away we went!  I'm pretty sure I had a ridiculously giddy grin plastered on my face the entire time.  It was beautiful and the trail was the perfect blend of switchbacking tricky technical stuff with a smooth downhill grade.  Delicious.  My calves paid the price the next day, but the experience and subsequent hike across the crater was totally worth it.

It's back to normal life now, so that means training resumes!!!  In the last three days we've managed to run more than we have run in the previous two weeks, combined.  Gross, huh?  It feels good to be out running finally, but I'm having to get used to the soreness and aches and pains again...I almost forgot what it feels like to be a runner, yikes! ;)

Guess what? it's almost Friday!

Paige, out.


Anonymous said...


GTI said...

Very happy for you both!

senator said...

Hey! U guys didn't do the jumping in the air / take my picture pose in the tux and wedding dress? I am disappointed! :-)


Paige said...

LOL @Senator Brett...we actually did do a tux/dress jumper, but we don't have a copy of it from our photographer yet. We got a good one!!

Jessie said...

Congratulations! It looks like you had an amazing time!

JojaJogger said...

Congratulations you two! Can't wait to see the wedding jumper pic.

Gretchen said...

Yay! Yip! Hooray! Congrats! Super awesome when two such wonderful people tie the knot. Glad the honeymoon rocked, too. :)

Danni said...


Unknown said...

Congratulations.... I wish you many happy years to come!!!

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