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Sunday, January 3, 2010

One for the Books

It's 2010. Doesn't that sound so futuristic?

To start things off, I am going to put in writing that this year is going to be deliciously epic. A year of many exciting things. I get all giddy thinking about it! I tallied up my year end mileage for 2009 and was pleasantly surprised: 1,316 miles total, 527 of which were race miles. Hmmm, you could say, perhaps, I raced a little much :) But this is the impetus for change in the coming year. I've learned some things, unlearned some things, and just plain ol' gained a new perspective on my running in general.

I usually like to set some goals for each new year, not resolutions, but actual attainable goals. Resolutions are meant to be...left unresolved :-) I don't get it when people do things like "no more sugar" (I don't know how others do that willingly) or "no coffee" (that's just INSANE). And, I really only like to set running goals, those are the most fun :) Since I had such a personally monumental running year in 2009, I'm not sure where to start for 2010. I got my first 50M and 100M done, got some PRs for myself and just generally had a blast of a year running around. So what's a gal to do? Some thoughts on my goals for the year...

1) Well, I've started by going electronic. Since high school, I've kept a hard copy of a daily planner and kept track of everything from school stuff, appointments, work stuff and of course all my runs and workouts. Looking through old planners is hilarious. I must say I've been quite thorough with keeping track of my runs! But, alas, it is time to move into the 21st century...now that we are a full decade into it :)

I exclaimed sometime back in October or so that I would start an online running log on January 1st. So I opened my shiny new log on December 31st...I couldn't wait a day longer! I went with RunningAHEAD as my log of choice. No real reason other than that Geof has been using it for some time and really likes what it has and all the options available. Plus, it's free :) I've already logged two runs on it, and I'm pretty excited to watch as my charts and graphs and stats move around throughout the year. You get stats for anything you want regarding your runs, it's insane! I can find out how many runs I've done on sunny days or rainy days, or how many hours I ran for in a given week, month, year, etc. I like those kinds of stats, those are fun to play with.

So that was one goal, to go paperless. Check.

2) Next goal? To run and train and race more...smartly. 2009 was a year of learning the hard way. Geof, my chiropractor and now my PT tell me I hear my body a little too well...I'm a little "too" in tune with what's up. Guilty :) I'm always worried about the slightest of twinges or aches, and this has its downsides (it's annoying!), but it's also got its upsides (I can catch things before they become problems). But, I plan to be a little more careful and more thoughtful with my training this year so perhaps I can rest my neuroses a little bit. I don't need to race every ultra in a 500 mile radius...even though that's very tempting :) I want to be healthy and strong and the best way to do that is to put in the miles and the rest. So, that said, I plan to up my base mileage by about 10 miles per week and then keep it there. Easier said than done (especially when it's 2 degrees and windy!), but I know it's what I need to do to keep pace with my goals.

3) Leadville Trail 100. This will be my goal race this year. Wow, what a concept for me...a 'goal' race, and not just a whim ;) I want to run this and finish it. That's all. Less talk, more do.

4) Buy a bike. Ride it. Don't let it get stolen like the last one :)

5) 2,010 miles in 2010. Perfectly doable. I think.

Well I think those are some good things to work on and towards, namely goal #2 & 3.

This will be a great year and I'm excited to watch it unfold and develop through the year. Lots to do, lots to see! It'll be one for the books.

Happy New Year everyone!

Crash, out.


Mike said...

You do 2010, I'll strive for 1005.

Paige said...


David Ray said...

I like the focus of the goal race. Sounds like a great plan.

Paige said...

Hopefully I can focus on it :) It makes me weirdly nervous having that 'one' race...almost like I'd feel better if I just sprang it on myself like I did with Vermont, leaving no time to freak out and question what I'm doing! But, Leadville is no joke and deserves a respectable training plan, and everything in me :) Onward!

Mike said...

Crap, I was bluffing

Paige said...

Oh, c'mon, 1005 miles is nothing. That's 2.75 miles per day :) Child's play.

Mike said...

Yeah, and with 1 half, 2 marathons, and 1 50K on the schedule so far, I only need another 910 miles or so. And then someday, I'll do Hardrock

Paige said...

And that's less than 2.5 miles per day. Getting better and better.

Run Home Pam said...

Go, Paige! Great goals, looks like a superb year...

senator said...

Dig the blog. Marshall is going to be running w/ me Saturday and he is sooo excited about hanging out with you guys. Excellent choice on the Leadville trail BTW. I am heading over to runningahead to set my account now. In the past I've used up to three different spread sheets at the same time. Thanks for taking the time to have a quality blog. (there are so many that are terrible)
See ya soon, and run free

Senator Brett

Paige said...

Thanks, Senator! Marshall's running?! That's awesome! I think you will really like having the online running log. I was keeping track of my mileage in two places: my planner and a calendar. What a pain! It's so nice to have it all in one place now :)

See you guys Saturday!

Lalaith Means Laughter said...

Love your blog..very positive and well written and just fun to read. You will kick butt at Leadville : ) I have heard that is such a beautiful race..I may drive there for a road trip and volunteer so when I see you run pass me I will give you a big old wooohooo ; )

Paige said...

Thank you so much, Michelle! A roadtrip out to Leadville would be awesome, wowza!

Jeremy said...

Great stuff Paige. I can't wait to read about this year's adventures.

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