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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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"Ultras are not crazy, they are the ultimate in sanity. They bring us back to the truth of who we are."  ~Alene Nitzky

The above quote came out during an interesting conversation today on the Ultra List about why we run ultras.  I really dig Alene's response, obviously, and it really sums up my personal thoughts on the topic. 

Anywho, I wanted to share that :) 

I also want to share that the Dunmore Household (e.g. Geof and I) finally, finally went out for a long run this past weekend.  Naturally, we picked one of the hottest days in weeks, at the hottest part of the day to head out.  Totally makes sense, no?  It was GREAT!  Boy did it feel good to have some legitimately fatigued legs.  We banged out almost 16 miles (hey, "long run" is a relative term at this juncture) at an 8:17 pace and I was delightfully spent afterward!  The day was beautiful and we moved along really well.  It was weird to carry water again.  I found it a little odd carrying a water bottle and kept switching hands, but I was very glad to have it since it was balls hot.  We ran a new route we've started for our Tuesday Ten Miler, and added onto it.  The route seems long since you double back on it, but it's so pretty and you get to see a lot along the way so it's worth the mental anguish of feeling longer than it actually is.

Is it weird that I was excited to have chaffing?  I haven't run long enough in the last five weeks to actually get chaffed, so it was a welcome annoyance given that fact!  I was also excited to slip on my RecoFit Leg Compressors afterward and let the recovery begin whilst we noshed on some veggie burgers with avocado and salsa, and some sweet 'tater fries, mmmm.  My legs felt like pure gold Sunday, thanks to those leg sleeves!

T10 was in full effect again yesterday and it was T-O-U-G-H!  It was again balls hot, and supremely humid so I was blaming that for how difficult the run became.  But, when I calculated our average pace afterward, I think I can now blame the overly fast pace for how my legs felt.  Fastest T10 we've ever run.  And, most likely, the sweatiest T10 we've ever had.  I think half my weight was in sweat.

BTW, in past-due news, last week's T10 was actually more like T12...we didn't have a functioning GPS between the two of us, so we ran a little extra to make sure we got in at least 10.  I mapped it out finally and came up with almost 12 miles...and that means we covered it in just under a 7:30 pace.  Huzzah!  So, technically I suppose that that run was our fastest T10 ever :-)  Anyway, can't hate that news!

Given how tough yesterday was, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up with such fresh legs today!  Just a little 4 mile shakeout run this morning, and we kept the pace very easy.  We both commented on how we're finally getting the itch for a long race again.  What to do, what to do!  Voyageur 50M is top kitty right now, but the long drive is the only thing holding us back.  It was a really, really long drive for us last year.  We'll see :)

Western States 100 is this weekend and I am insanely excited!!  It's like the Super Bowl for ultrarunners.  I was reading up on all the top picks for this year and I'm sticking to my guns on Geoff Roes taking the top spot.  But I also think Dave Mackey could spank everybody and take the cake out of nowhere.  Killian Jornet in third.  Who knows.  Ellie Greenwood and Anita Ortiz for the ladies, Kami Semick in third.  Tough choices, but that's my gut feeling :)  I'm probably totally wrong, but we'll find out in three short days!  So many friends/bloggers/etc. running this year, good luck to everyone toeing the line!

Sheesh, that's a lot of topics in one post...I should learn to pace myself ;)

Paige, out.


Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

Western, Leadville and Badwater - my fav's to follow!

Rachel said...

You keep getting faster and stronger. Impressive!

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