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Monday, January 2, 2012

2011: You Were Good To Me

I'm a big fan of reflection.  I like glancing back at all things awesome, and I like sharing it here, whether you like it or not :)  It's a new year, so that grants me a brief window of time in which to indulgently reflect on the past year and appreciate all the friggin' amazing things that happened.  

We ran a LOT (for me, anyway), went to some really great places (Moab, Salt Lake, Park City, Denver, Hawai'i, Arizona, Arches National Park), did some cool things (ran slickrock, through slot canyons, through the desert; got married (!!); got to watch our good friends Brian and Kelly become parents for the first time (!!); earned some PRs; took some leaps of faith; paid off debt; earned a pair of Boston qualifying times), made some great new friends, and said yes more than no.  

It was an all around magical, fantasy-sequence kind of year.  If I were to do 2011 all over again I wouldn't change a single thing.  And I can say that with absolute confidence.  That feels awesome.

Instead of recapping some highlights of the year via the written word, I thought I'd take a card from Meghan Hicks' stack and try something a little different...explore the year via photos.  You should read her recap post HERE.  The music, the photography, is beautiful.  Thank you for the inspiration, MH!

So, come, follow me along on a quick journey through the last year :)  Thank you for being a part of it and thank you for reading.  I sincerely appreciate it!

Windburn Six in the Stix...brrrrrr!  Photo: Kelly Gaines

Moab's Red Hot 55k...holy tough course!  Photo: Rob Corson

Horseriders 34 Miler...oh the MUD!  Photo: Kelly Gaines

Crossroads of Indiana Marathon...hello Boston!  Photo: Action Sports Images

Bachelorette Party!!  Photo: Tilly Troelstrup

Ice Age 50...my second favorite PR :)  Photo: Michele Hartwig

We got married!  Photo: Matt Dunmore Photography

Hawai'ian Honeymoon...ooo la la


June was a whole lot of post-wedding and honeymoon rest and getting ready to start Javelina training, and apparently it was a non-photogenic month for us :)

Sunburn Six in the Stix...First Female Overall!  Photo: Kelly Gaines

Palos Hills 32.4 Mile.  Photo: Kelly Gaines


I turned 30!!  And, I discover a love for apricot beer via Pyramid Brewery's Apricot Ale :)

Hiking just above Nederland, Colorado with Julia, Charlie dog, and Geof

My first 50 mile PR of the year (North Face 50 - Madison): 8:35, and a photo with Dean Karnazes.  I'm pretty sure his legs were more shaved than mine that day...

Our second/new 50 Mile PR (Des Plaines River Trail Races): 7:44!  Photo: Bill Thom

My favorite PR of the year: Javelina Jundred: 22:40.  What a day!  Photo: Vens


December was focused on finishing up Mission: 2000, and enjoying the sights and sounds of the season.  We're both suckers for the holiday season :)

Our tree!  Brrr, it was chilly that day, but completely wonderful

Christmas Eve with the Kings!  Photo: Kevin King

And our traditional Elf Yourself skit with Brian and Kelly, and now baby Caleb, too!

But out of all the amazing things I got to do and experience this year, the absolute best thing was this:

Marrying the dude of my dreams :)
Photo: Matt Dunmore Photography

Happy New Year!

Paige, out.


Meghan said...

Oh hearts, this is so lovely. What a year you had. 2012 is gonna rock for you, I know it!

Rachel said...

You had quite the year! 2012 is going to continue all the awesomeness of 2011.

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