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Friday, September 19, 2008


I heart run.

Last night, I took another crack at a run commute and came out victorious. Well almost. Save for a little chaffing on my neck of course. Who gets 'neck chaffing'?! I do.

I wore my Camelbak ("engineered specifically for the shape of a woman") for the first time since purchasing it over Labor Day weekend. I was able to stuff my book, wallet, work clothes, change of shirt for PT, cell phone and my pepper spray (of course!) in it comfortably. I tightened the straps and suited up. Apparently, the "shape of a woman," according to Camelbak, is quite a bit larger than me. I had the shoulder straps and the waist strap as tight as they would go, but I neglected to tighten the straps criss-crossing the actual pak that keep the contents in their place. I'll have to try that this weekend.

The pak ended up being just loose enough to rub the left side of neck and leave a nice bright red line across it. Halfway into my 6-miler to PT, I stopped and rigged my spare shirt to act as a buffer around the back and sides of my neck. Much better! I looked ridiculous, but at least I wasn't burning the side of my neck anymore.

Other than a knot in my left calf, it was a great run along the lakefront. I had a rabbit for the first few miles. Those are always fun to have, and great for getting some "interval" running in. He had a very similar pace, and I could tell he was getting frustrated because I kept passing him, and I had a full pack on! Ha! I enjoy a little competition, and those first 3 miles I was averaging a nice 7:05 pace because I didn't want my rabbit to pass me again. He finally stopped around North Avenue, bent over, (couldn't hack it I guess) and I carried on.

Perfect weather last night, and I was running a lot faster than I usually do when I have a pack on. I kept glancing at my GPS to see what I was hitting, and finally pulled back some to an 8:05 pace so I wouldn't be completely wiped for my PT session.

I got to my session a tad early and immediately began to foam roll my calves, and practically inhaled my Clif bar simultaneously. I was so hungry suddenly! Part of my PT includes massage therapy (poor me, I know!) and while Laura was working out the knot in my left calf, we talked ultra running. She's worked with a lot of ultra runners over the years in Montana, Wyoming and Virginia and had lots of theories on training to share with me. We decided a three day/week schedule would be best for me (good, because thats what I was planning on doing!), and to cram my most miles into my weekend long run. She also suggested I incorporate interval training to work on my time and endurance, and to make sure I taper every 4-5 weeks to let my legs recover. Good plan.

After my hour was up, I got geared up once more and hit the road for the last 1.75 miles home, for a total 7.75 miles for the day. Not bad. Best of all, no shin pain whatsoever! I don't know why I waited so long to see a PT. Well, I do know why...I'm a stubborn runner...imagine that. I'm glad I've come to my senses.

It's so much more fun to run home than to sit on a bus for the same amount of time. It's nice to have the Camelbak so I don't have to worry too much about what I bring to work, or what I leave at my desk. I can just stuff it all in the pak and go!


This weekend, I'm heading to Arlington, VA to see Mike! We'll be pounding the pavement Saturday morning with Tommy Neeson to help him raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. I'll probably max out at 10-12 miles, but Mike's planning on cranking out 20 miles with him, and Jeremy's aiming for 16 I think. Should be fun...as long as I can keep up with them! Otherwise, you can find me at a local cafe along the way, nursing a cup of joe and waiting for the guys to run out of gas. I'll have plenty of commentary and pic's to share with you when I get back!

Also of note, the Maine Marathon is quickly approaching! I've been coaxed out of my initial intention of running the 1/2 marathon variety, to run the full marathon with Team Atayne and help clean up the course. Hey, as they say, Anything for Atayne! I've never pounded that kind of distance, especially not on paved road. It shouldn't be too bad though since it'll be mostly run-walking as we pick up trash along the route. In any event, I'm very excited for it, and I look forward to my very first trip to Maine...and the northeast for that matter. I'll need to map out some good trails while I'm out there. Back Cove is already on my list :)

Have a great run.

Paige, out.

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