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Monday, October 4, 2010

Purple Piglets

You asked for it...well, actually, you can thank JojaJogger for this one, 'cuz he asked for it!

Here is a fancy shmancy (no, not really) picture of my toes, three weeks post RDL...

The lighting isn't so great, but not too bad, eh?  Well, this is what you get when you let your mind wander too much on the trail and your feet get lazy.  I must have been doing that road runner zone-out thing I used to be so good at.  Obviously, I haven't lost that talent :)  You can see on the left toe where I've managed to kill it down to the nail bed.  Now that takes talent.  Once it finally does fall off, I'm not really sure if that one will grow back, but that's what nail polish is for, right :)  The right toe will be fine, I'll still lose it, but I'm not questioning its return.

These tootsies of mine are actually feeling even better now that I've gotten a couple of runs in.  Weird, huh?  I can only tell I have dead toenails when I point my toes all the way, then it's a funky 'stuck' sensation I get but totally painless. 

Oh, and I got new shoes yesterday!  I told myself I had to wait until I was running again before I would try on new shoes.  Geof and I headed over to Running Away Multisport in Bucktown since they seem to have the biggest selection of road shoes in town, and I decided on the Asics Gel Nimbus 12s.  They are a cushion lover's dream :)  I've been looking for something with a little more room in the toe box, and while I'm not sure these are any wider, I definitely am digging the fit so far.  My foot feels locked in place and the shoe feels very sock-like, it's that comfortable.  The cushioning is beyond awesome...and I thought my Brooks Glycerins were the Queen of Cushion.  Move over Glycerin, there's a new queen in town!

Now, I just need to get re-acclimated to my morning running...I am sufficiently beat after a spritely 3 mile run this morning!  You'd think I did a long run with the way I've been zombie-ing around the office today :)

Crash, out.


Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

YES! another Nimbus 12 fan. I have been running in a pair for a few weeks. LOVE them! Cushion beyond cushion.

Nice toes! :)

JojaJogger said...


Run Home Pam said...

Yiiiikkes! My teeth feel all wiggly just looking at those toes. You are a warrior, Paige!!!

Paige said...

Pam! So good to see you back in bloggy land!

KovasP said...

Not sure how I feel about losing toenails. Hpoing it never happens.

chris mcpeake said...

I feel your pain. I have come to except that I will never have normal toes again.

Paige said...

Normal toes are overrated ;)

dax said...

My daughters have that same purple nail polish.

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