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Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Happening Again...

I knew it would. 

Even in the midst of a moment of "clarity" during my most recent race, where I boldly announced to my pacer, Gretchen, "Fifty miles may be my favorite distance afterall...I think I'm done with 100 milers after this!"  I'm pretty sure I followed it up with, "...sure, that's what I say now, but give me a couple of days...." 

In the sport of ultrarunning, always remember to do this: know thyself.

I know myself.  Well, in fact.  And I knew that it wouldn't take long before I would be trolling the UltraList for new races, digging through Run100s.com feverishly in search of number four, and perusing the hardware available for viewing on the new 100 Miler Buckles site that Brian put together.  I love buckles :)  And, I love spending a day or two running in a new place.

I'm not sure what I want to focus on just yet, but I do know I'm going to throw my name into the Western States 100 lottery next month...ya' know, for good measure.  I'll be quietly hoping I don't get in, but I want to go ahead and get my name in the hat for upcoming years.  Geof is entering the lottery as well, and it would be way cooler for him to get in so I can crew and pace and get a taste of o' the West' :)  Plus, I'm pretty sure Geof was made for the mountain races.  Speaking of my leading man, he is considering Tahoe Rim Trail 100 as his back-up race just in case he doesn't get into WS100.  Now that would be sweet!  I would crew and then pace him the final 50 miles, thus getting in a delicious 50 miler for gits and shiggles, and a nice run in the mountains with my man. 

Ice Age 50M is enticing for the mere fact that it's so convenient, so why not?  I wouldn't mind a couple other 50s for the heck of it, and perhaps fine tune my 50 form before my next hundred.  There will be a couple of CHUG hosted fat asses (free events) in the spring so I'm looking to do those as well. 

Wow, I was hoping I'd have a list here, but it's turning into a serious case of stream-of-consciousness typing...

In all honestly, I'd love to run Rio Del Lago 100 again.  I freakin' loved that race.  Really.  It was so pretty, so runnable, so crew-friendly...so...wonderful.  Or has time really chipped away at the pain and left behind only the good stuff?  Nah, that doesn't ever happen ;)  The only issue with Rio is its late-season timing in 2011...  That said, Geof and I want to run another race together and the end-of-summer timing, and ease of going crewless, of the Leanhorse 100 may end up making it our choice for 2011.  I also like that you can wait to register until pretty close to the race.  It's tough to register for races way far in advance...you have no idea what may come up.  I like to procrastinate registering as much as possible :)

Eventually, I'll have a schedule figured out.  In the meantime, you know what?  I'm really enjoying running for the sake of...running!

Crash, out.


Gretchen said...

Oh Yippeeeee!!!! Western States and TRT - two races where I will definitely be in 2011. (I'm running States and either pacing or running a shorter distance at TRT.) I get to see Paige and Geof again. Yay!

Isn't it fun to dream about the race calendar while running cruiser miles, knowing that we don't have to start training in earnest yet? :)

Paige said...

You're in WS??? That is AWESOME! Yes, I do love cruiser miles, and I love calling them that, lol! TRT would be amazing...I'm kinda leaning towards that, but all depends on if one of us gets into WS. Oh boy!!

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