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Friday, June 12, 2009

The Kids Have Got it Right

This morning I got up at the butt crack of dawn (aka 4:30 a.m.) to head out for a run. This week was the start of my new experiment entitled,"Will Paige be less grumpilicious at work if she runs in the morning?" The hypothesis: I will be exponentially less grumpy if I run at least 5 miles prior to leaving for work each morning, thus being more productive, and allowing me more time to have a life after work.

So far so good.

Lately, in order to get in my training runs during the week, I've been running during my lunch break. But then that really takes away from the strength training and stretching routines that are just as important as the running. And, on top of that, I carry a serious case of the Mondays with me all week when I'm constantly worrying about having enough time to get my run in midday, and weight routines squeezed in when I get home at night.

Anywho, like I said, so far so good. I enjoy being the only yutz up before first light each day, dressed in my hot pink reflective jacket and covered head to toe in goosebumps because it's pretty effing chilly before the sun comes up 'round here! I have my nice little 6-mile route all set, which includes some lovely little hills (the 'burbs have some nice hill action!), a pass of a Caribou so that I can smell fresh coffee near the end of my run (and get movin' so I can get home to my fresh coffee brewing up), and along a strip of glorious, lush greenery that I'm not sure of what is on the other side, but I enjoy the burst of green mid-run.

I will preface the following by saying that I'm kind of not much of a "kid person" at this point in my life, as in, kids are great as long as they're someone elses...I'm just too 'young' for them right now :)

This morning, I got home from my run and felt good, but allergies have appeared from out of nowhere so my head's a little fuzzy and I was still sniffling like it was going out of style. So I finished stretching, went inside and fed the dogs, grabbed a banana and some PB to inhale before I began my morning routine, and then the reality of having to go into work sunk in. Ugh. It's a gorgeous Friday, nooooo!

As I stood at my coffee maker waiting for it to sputter one last time, letting me know it was ready for me, I heard some rustling coming from the center bedroom, then a pitter-patter along the wood floor in the hallway. I stood there frozen for a second not sure what it was, and then, with all the enthusiasm and excitement of a kid in a candy store, out pops my barely-two year old niece, Ava, "Hi Paysh!!!" (she can't say my name fully, so she says that instead). She was so freakin' cute standing there with her bed head and big blue eyes, and elmo pajama shirt. I started laughing and leaned over to give her a hug good morning. I totally forgot my sister and her kids were visiting! She stood there and watched intently as I poured my coffee, asking what I was doing, what was that, pointing out my pink jacket and asking where I went. Every few words she would break into a chuckle and put her hands over her mouth. It was really cute. Then I told her I needed to get ready for work, and she jumped up and down asking if she could come with. As she pranced out of the kitchen, I noticed the huge ruffles on the butt of her pink pajama pants and started laughing hysterically. Then I noticed how much better I felt!

Funny how the unbridled enthusiasm of a kid can do that. I decided I was excited to make the commute and go into work today. Why not?

Now, recalling my kickass run, I feel even better. I love getting that part of the day done and put away. I'm really looking forward to my long run this weekend, and testing out some nutrition stuff to see how the ol' tummy handles it for my next race.

Crash, out.


David Ray said...

Good one, Paige! Very beastly to get up at 4:30 to run.

Run Home Pam said...

I'm not a kid person either. How I ended up homeschooling 3 of them is anybody's guess!?! (You just gotta love 'em...)

4:30 a.m: Best time of the whole day!

Paige said...

David, it is "beastly", but Pam is right, 4:30 a.m. is a fabulous time of day!

I am in awe of your homeschooling, Pam. Maybe greater patience will come with maturity for me, hehehe :)

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